These Leading Ladies Aren’t Really Ladies


Jonathan Headley, A&E Reporter

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Leading Ladies is the story of two actors in 1958 who specialize in Shakespeare, who are down on their luck and who are dead broke. Leo Clark, played by Corben Gertschitz, and Jack Gable, played by Adam Isaacs, are these two actors. The two of them need a plan to make some quick cash, and they need it now. What do they do? Impersonate the nieces of a dying woman for their inheritance of course!

Obviously, this play is a comedy and a very well put together comedy at that. It has humour for just about everyone. There are things that are just silly, impossible coincidences, and a few subtle dirty jokes. All of the comedy is very well placed with the situation, and there are so few serious moments that the fun loving play goer will love it.

Every actor does an amazing job in this play. Kim McGuire, who plays Meg Snider, and Kim Vandenbergh, who plays Audrey, are the two actual female leads. Vanderbergh’s character Audrey can only be described as ridiculous. She is always stating the meanings of big words she uses, and she never fully understands the situation with the guys in dresses. McGuire’s character is one of the smarter characters, but she flip flops between love interests. First she wants the Reverand, played by Daniel Parache, then she wants Leo Clark, then she wants the woman Leo Clark is pretending to be (who is her “cousin”), then back to Leo. Yes, this play contains a brief moment of incestuous lesbianism.

Leading Ladies is a really fun play, and I suggest it to anyone who wants to have a good time. Leading Ladies earns a 9/10. This is simply a fun play. Most will love it, and it would be surprising if anyone dislikes it. RHS is showing Leading ladies on February 20 and 21.