Diving into diversity week


Yucheng Zhang, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Yucheng Zhang – Diversity can be seen throughout the school. This group of students pictured in the locker captures the wide range of ethnicities and cultures that all share Rangeview’s hallways. 

Monday, January 14th marks the beginning of Rangeview’s second annual diversity week. For the entirety of the week, Rangeview will host a number of events that explore, share, and celebrate the wide range of cultures that streak through the hallways of Rangeview every day.

The ultimate goal for Diversity Week is to help students understand why being accepting of others’ differences is so important,” says Assistant Principal and one of the directors of Diversity Week, Christy Hartford.

This week serves to observe and understand the importance that diversity plays on the Rangeview community – especially when Rangeview boasts what many claim to be one of the most diverse student bodies and atmospheres in the state.

“Diversity Week is about being able to express all different kinds of cultures and appreciate this community that we’ve built,” says senior Jordan Alvarenga. “It’s important to express that we are unique and that we are united even though we have different backgrounds.”

Each day is set out to celebrate a different culture; for the corresponding culture, there are both general themes and dress up themes that students can participate in to commemorate their own cultures or to discover and partake in the cultures of their fellow students and peers.

“Next week I hope to see that people come together that usually aren’t together,” says senior Beimnet Mulugeta.

This is the flyer created for Friday’s event: Taste of Rangeview (Rangeview Staff)

There will also be an assembly on Monday from 2:00 to 3:21 with performances from different groups around Rangeview such as Poly Club. The assembly will also feature guest speaker Iman Jodeh, executive director of the nonprofit organization Meet The Middle East. She hopes to become the first Muslim to serve in Colorado legislature, operates the educational nonprofit Meet the Middle East, serves as the first female spokesperson for the Colorado Muslim Society – the largest mosque in the Rocky Mountain Region – and teaches at the University of Denver Enrichment Program.

“Her voice is one I believe we rarely hear from a cultural perspective,” says Mrs. Hartford. “It is one of the reasons why I am excited to bring her to Rangeview High School.”

On Friday, January 19th, Rangeview will be hosting Taste of Rangeview from 7-9 pm. Tickets are $5 and will feature a number of food trucks, salsa dancing, and live music from the salsa band Don Chicharron.

The schedule for activities and themes for the week is as follows:

  • Monday
    • Theme: Hispanic/Latinx Heritage
    • Dress up theme: Cultural Dress
    • Daytime event: Diversity Assembly
  • Tuesday
    • Theme: African American
    • Dress up theme: Colors of your Flag
    • Night event: Staff Talent Show – 6 pm in Auditorium
  • Wednesday
    • Theme: Far East
    • Dress up theme: College Day
  • Thursday
    • Theme: Middle Eastern
    • Dress up theme: Raider Spirit Day
  • Friday
    • Theme: Pride Day
    • Dress up theme: Colors of the Rainbow
    • Night event: Taste of Rangeview

Diversity week will be followed by the winter casual: A Night Under the Stars on Saturday, January 19 from 8-11 pm.