Rangeview sticks with Herff Jones


Nealani Elliston, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Nealani Elliston – Senior Kylee Tafoya poses while sporting a heather grey Herff Jones senior sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is currently $43.00 on the Herff Jones website.

Rangeview students are first introduced to Herff Jones during their junior year, showcasing the fact that high school is coming to an end and that graduation is just around the corner. Sweatshirts, joggers, keychains and other knick-knacks are displayed on the screen and many wonder, will I buy into the cause of celebrating graduation?

Herff Jones has been around since 1920. The company manufactures and sells recognition, motivational, and achievement products.

Herff Jones offers products for countless schools, churches, sports teams, movie studios, and even courtrooms. Arguably more important to students, they offer graduation gear for Rangeview High School seniors, including the cap and gown seniors are required to rent for graduation.

Rangeview has been working with Herff Jones since it was founded in 1984. The yearbook staff also works with the company and has been for years.

Before giving money to anyone, no matter the amount, it is important to know who they are and what they stand for.

On their website, Herff Jones has an entire page dedicated to community involvement, from partnering with St. Jude on various fundraising campaigns, to claiming they are sustainable and do their best to protect the environment.

Senior Alexander Clark holds $30.00 in his hands in the commons. Herff Jones also offers graduation announcements: $27.50 is the current cost for 10 cards — name cards not included (Nealani Elliston).

Senior Kylee Tafoya, who bought a sweatshirt and sweatpants from Herff Jones, raved about the quality.

“They’re really good material, I can tell they’ll last a while,” Tafoya stated.

Herff Jones also offers packages that range in price, each including a cap and gown.

“I got the cheapest package and added other items, it was the cheapest for my family to pay for,” added Tafoya.

Every year, many say it is easy to spot seniors wearing Herff Jones’ clothing.

Junior Kalin Campbell is excited about when she’ll get the chance to spot the gear next year, saying, “I want to represent my class and have something to remember my senior year by. Plus they’re cute and look super comfortable.”

Herff Jones has arguably high prices, (for example, it is $43.00 for the senior sweatshirt and $33.00 for the senior sweatpants) but this doesn’t phase senior Laura Good — and the sooner one gets their items, the less money spent.

“I am the class of 2019 and I won’t be embarrassed to rep. that ever, I think [hoodies and sweatpants will] always be ‘current’ for the class of 2019,” Good stated.

If you are a Rangeview senior still looking to order your cap and gown, follow the link for Rangeview apparel specifically: http://uniquerecognition.com/School/Rangeview

If you are just curious about Herff Jones, here is a link to their general website: https://www.herffjones.com/

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