Testing will be no walk in the Parcc this year


PARCC Schedule (Rangeview homepage)

Jackie Monero, News Reporter

As Graduation draws near and the warm weather begins to come back, the student body’s moment of happiness is shockingly shattered by the realization of standardized testing coming up in March. Parcc testing, previously known as CSAP, TCAP, and later as CMAS, is a standardized test that showcases what students know and don’t know.

There will be two separate Parcc testing schedules, one in March and another in May to display possible growth in the student body’s academic performance. Testing is said to begin the first week of March, starting Monday, March 2nd , lasting for less than 2 weeks and ending March 11. Instead of each grade taking the same test on the same day, all of the grades are to be divided into 3 separate sections, while being assigned to take the test on that day, either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Students have already shared their discomfort of having to do the constantly changing test.

“I’m dreading it,” says sophomore Nathan Lancaster. “I honestly have no idea how this test is going to benefit me at all.”

Normally after each test we’re allowed to go home and rest, but, like in the case with CMAS earlier this year, that won’t happen.

“All students not testing are required to go to their classes,” says Assistant principal Mr. Cooley.


To view the testing schedule, visit the RHS homepage: http://rangeview.aurorak12.org/?p=22089