Started from the top now we’re freshmen


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Vanessa Guereca, Features Reporter

Transitioning from middle school to high school is like going from a tricycle to a bicycle—at first, kind of scary because of the potential to fall or crash. A lot of freshmen will easily relate to that feeling, for transitioning from wooden blocks to large bricks is a major change.

“I actually wasn’t nervous at all. I thought ‘Hey, it’s just high school; I’ll come here anyways,’” said freshman Jose Palma.

Teachers in middle school were always on top of students, making sure they were doing what they were supposed to. Perhaps this was because they were preparing them for high school, but once they got to high school, it’s a whole other thing. They are off on their own in high school, and whether or not they get a good grade or not, it is all up to them.

“My goals here at RHS are simply to get good grades and disregard women,” says Palma.

It is said that while in high school, students have to be involved in order to “survive” and be successful in their high school career. Being in clubs, leadership, and sports could help students manage their time. Statistics show that the more involved students are in school, the higher their GPA is. Some students are not only involved in sports, but they are already taking AP classes as well.

“I mean if you’re up for the challenge, then do it, but if you’re not very confident, just don’t do it,” said freshman Samantha Arguayo, “It’s better to pass an easy class then to fail a hard class.”

Obviously, over the years, generations change and each generation and class are different from each other.

“This is my first year teaching freshmen. All I can say is that a lot of them still have a lot to adapt to here at Rangeview, although some don’t struggle as much as others,” said English teacher Anna Farnsworth.

Every freshman makes their own impressions on other people. Some freshman receive good compliments, whereas others, not so much.

“Most of the freshmen are so amazing, like they are so focused for the most part, honestly! It’s like every year the freshmen get better and better,” said sophomore Shelsea Goheen. “Obviously you still have misbehaving ones, but it’s still good to see how much of a good impact the freshman will make over their next four years.”