Has Rangeview done enough for Black History Month?


Feature Photo By: Jayah Caley – Junior Obi Agbim walks to his seat at the Black Impact Conference. The conference was one way Rangeview provided an opportunity for Black and African American students.

By: Caroline Smith and Jayah CaleyReview Staff

Many people say Rangeview didn’t do enough this year, or in past years, to celebrate Black History Month.

Black History Month takes place during the month of February, and occurs to acknowledge and celebrate black individuals, their culture, black leaders (past and current), and so on.

Many schools have taken the time to show their appreciation for this month — some even included an entire spirit week to honor and represent black history and black excellence.

Vista Peak High School had a “Black Awareness Week” where they included dress up days (Screenshot from Snapchat).
Overland High School also had a “Black History Month” week that brought people together by having lunch time games and night events (Screenshot from Snapchat).















Here’s what Rangeview thinks about Black History Month: