Is the Senior Section Leaving?


Michael Cordova, Reporter

Even those that are only in the commons during our off hours know that the senior section can be loud and sometimes downright obnoxious. Would the noise really bring the senior section to its knees. Or was it the destruction of a brand new ping pong table? There are a multitude of disruptions that could be the reason for the beloved corner of the school being taken down this morning.

“The senior section was taken down because it needed to be,” says Dean Terry Anderson.

The ping pong tables and all other forms of lounging have been replaced with the normal circle tables from the commons. But what has brought this destruction?

“If you are given something you should respect it,” says Campus Monitor Bruce Egloff. “And the seniors have not respected it.”

Staff interviewed did not share many details, but it can only imagine it’s based off of the neglect of the school’s property that they had provided for the seniors.


Senior Dontai Claimore says, “I was upset because the only reason they took it away is because underclassmen come and destroy our stuff.”

Whether it be seniors not respecting the property or under classmens ill-timed jealousy was it worth taking it down?

“They have destroyed the senior section, I think the administration has overreacted,” Says senior Eric Lopez. “Why punish everyone for a few peoples mistakes?”

Due to the ominous reaction by the administration, it is unknown whether or not the senior section will return next year, or at the very least before summer.

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