No matter what these locks stay locked


Senior Stephanie O`Keefe Attempts to Enter a Restroom (Alivia Lee)

Senior Stephanie O`Keefe Attempts to Enter a Restroom (Alivia Lee)
Senior Stephanie O`Keefe Attempts to Enter a Restroom (Alivia Lee)
By Alivia Lee, News Reporter

For the past two months the issue of locked bathrooms has continued to hold its inconvenient grasp on students throughout the school. Students first came face to face with this issue in the first semester of the school year but for the past few months this problem has continued to pop up.

“Bathrooms are being locked based on vandalization,” said dean Jon Sobolewski. “The majority of students respect the bathrooms but when they don’t we have to close them.”

Though locking bathrooms seems like the best way to prevent further vandalization lockings have caused a greater inconvenience on students that most likely did not take part in any vandalization.

“With the majority of bathrooms being locked, it causes me to have to roam the whole school and miss more and more class,”said sophomore Daniel Smith.

It only takes a few extra minutes to find an unlocked bathroom but it is enough of a disruption to cause an overall negative opinion among students.

“ It is inconvenient,” said senior Efren Herrera Hurtado. “I have to go all the way upstairs to find one.”

Students are not the only ones that are frustrated with locked bathrooms and are looking for a change. Adults and teachers in the building have also shared their annoyance of this issue.

“The bathrooms are right out the door and students haven’t been able to use them all year,” said math teacher Mary Soya. “I think that’s pretty unfair.”

Considering that vandalism is to blame for locked bathrooms, many say it really doesn’t make much sense why the bathrooms in the new wing would constantly be locked. Besides the new wing bathrooms being unjustly locked is the vandalism really bad enough to cause other bathrooms to be locked.

“The vandalism issue is just the writing on the mirrors really,” said sophomore Evelin Canas Acosta .

For months minor cases of vandalism have continued to force bathroom closures and frustration among students and staff alike, hopefully as school moves into fourth quarter this will no longer be a dilemma for students.