RHS legend Mr.Strouse signs off


Amor-Leigh Wilson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Cade Palmer – Josiah Allen double checks his paperwork to play at CSU Pueblo before turning it into Victor Strouse. Strouse has coached the boys soccer team for 32 years at Rangeview.

After putting in 33 years as what some would describe as the “heartbeat” of Rangeview, Victor Strouse, Rangeview’s athletic director, has made the decision to go into retirement. Throughout Strouse’s 33 years here at Rangeview he has been the athletic director for 14 years, head coach of boys soccer for 32 years, and was the head coach for girls soccer for 26 years.

Throughout the many years Strouse has worked here, he has impacted so many lives of staff and students without even realizing it.

According to assistant boys’ coach and head girls’ soccer Michael Boyle, “ I think he (Storuse) has defined Rangeview; he has been here for over 30 years and he has done things the right way… and when people are not sure what the right way is, they find him to help.”

Mr. Strouse sits inside the athletic office preparing himself to do athletic director duties. Shawn Palmer will be taking over as athletic director once Mr. Strouse is gone. (Toli Geshow)

With Strouse’s spot empty many wonder who is going to take his spot.

Well, look no farther than head basketball coach Shawn Palmer. Palmer has worked alongside Strouse for 16 years after taking over former basketball coach Terry Taylor’s position as the second ever boys basketball coach at RHS.

“When I took over for Terry Taylor who coached for 20 year and who was super successful, that was really challenging,” said Palmer, “but I think taking over for Strouse is going to be even more challenging because all of the ways he has impacted our school.”

Strouse has not only impacted the school on an athletic level, but many agree he has impacted the culture of Rangeview. And for many students it is hard to believe that he will not be in the commons spectating lunches or giving encouraging words to aspiring young athletes.

Terry Anderson, longtime RHS dean and coach said, “This place runs because of Mr. Strouse — genuine and upfront, you can’t find a better human being than Mr. Strouse. Rangeview wouldn’t be Rangeview without Mr. Strouse.”

Now, despite Strouse retiring from his position as athletic director he will remain the head coach for both the boys soccer team. This allows Strouse to remain in the Rangeview community.

 Rashid Seidu-Aroza receives a pass from his teammate. Strouse has coached the boys team for 33 years and coached the girls team for 26 years. He will remain the coach for the boys’ team after his retirment. (Jeffrey Afriyie)

Palmer said, “ He is still going to be coaching and is still going to be involved with the school community. He is still available to asks questions and get advice from.”

Many students here at Rangeview as well as the Raider Review would like to thank Mr.Strouse for his many years of work here. If you would like to learn more about Mr.Strouse’s work here at Rangeview click here.

You can read a full profile story of Mr. Strouse in the coming weeks in The Review’s annual Graduation Issue.