Girls golf is teeing it off


Cade Palmer, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Alexis Drummond – Sophomore Marissa Chambers putting on hole 18 as well at Heather Ridge. The girls will have a tournament this Thursday, April 18th.

The girl’s golf season is underway here at Rangeview High School, and many students don’t really know what it’s all about, and why people have decided to play a sport that is seen by many as boring.

Many high school girls play golf because it’s one of the best ways to try to compete for scholarships. There are many other good reasons to play a sport like golf. Education researchers have found that high school students that play sports have higher grade-point averages than non-athletes do. Student-athletes also learn things like teamwork and competitiveness while playing sports, and golf is a pretty easy one to access here at Rangeview.

“I’m trying to get a scholarship next year,” said junior Shaienne Barnt. “This is kind of like my practice year.”

Amari Bullock chipping on hole 18 at Heather Ridge. Bullock is currently a sophomore on the varsity team. (Alexis Drummond)

There are other reasons to play golf. Student-athletes like sophomore Elexis Blake play the sport because of  their love for the game.

“I decided to play golf because it’s relaxing for me. It’s just me against the course. It’s just a ‘me’ sport honestly,” said Blake.

The girls golf coach is Mr. Anderson. He talked a while about how the season has gone so far for his team.

“Next year i’m gonna have a run on snow shoes, because it seems like we’ve been in snowshoes more than anything else”, said Mr. Anderson. “We’ve had 2 tournaments cancelled. Other than getting through the weather, we’ve been doing great.”

One thing that stands out about Rangeview’s golf team is the number of girls participating this year. “I’ve got 15 girls this year”, said Mr. Anderson. “Hinkley has 5, gateway has maybe 3, Central has 2 or 3. That’s a good problem to have when you’ve got girls interested in a sport that in my opinion just happens to be the toughest sport in the building. I mean, getting a hole in one is a lot harder than making a three point shot,” said Anderson laughing.

Mr. Anderson has a different outlook on coaching the sport than most do. He cares about one thing above all: passion. “All my girls are great, and they’re willing to learn. Everybody wants to take their kids to the state tournament, but I want to give the girls passionate about the game of golf to where they know that they can play it the rest of their lives. My motto is to have them beating their husbands once they get married.”

The girl’s golf team had a tournament on April 4th. Alexis Drummond scored an 83 and placed second in the tournament. Breckin Collins scored a 103, Marissa Chambers scored a 106, Amari Bullock scored a 130, and Kaylee Hall scored a 137.

Their next tournament is on Thursday, April 18th; many believe these girls will continue to improve, and get a lot out of this season.