Movies that turn 30 years old in May


Lily Eberly, Review Staff

Feature Photo Provided By: Netflix – The Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie is ready to play on Netflix. The streaming service has all three of the movies right now.

Many agree that 1989 was a year of unforgettable movies such as Heathers, The Little Mermaid, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Dead Poets Society, and more. People in ‘89 had a variety of films to watch with so many unique actors.

In May 2019, several movies from 1989 will soon be 30.

Those who adore these films grew up watching these movies. Here are some of the movies that came out in May of 1989 — a blast from the past:

Listen to Me:

This movie – which released on May 5th, 1989 – starts off with the characters taking part in debates in their college, with some discussing if sex education should be taught and if the death penalty should include hanging. The whole team later ends up winning the chance to debate about abortion in the Supreme Court, however, they have to go through some unsuspected events before they get there. This is one of those movies where many arguments that took place in the movie are still talked about today.

Watch the trailer here.

Earth Girls Are Easy:

This May 12th movie is more on the romance side. When a UFO falls into Valerie Gail’s pool, three primary colored and very hairy aliens are stuck on Earth and have to repair their ship. The three of them become accustomed to the human lifestyle and get shaved to reveal that they do look human. One of the aliens named Mac ends up falling in love with Valerie, but the other two aliens end up causing a lot of trouble on a freeway. It’s a cute story, but if the whole alien romance freaks you out, this is not the movie for you.

Watch the trailer here.

On Showbox, See No Evil Hear No Evil can be watched, along with other titles related to it (Photo Provided by Showbow)

See No Evil, Hear No Evil:

The movie starring the late actors Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor is a one of a kind comedy that released on May 12th of 1989. The movie follows the story of a deaf man and a blind man who work together to stay alive after a man is shot at their newsstand. The police believe that they are the killers when in reality they aren’t, so they have to find a way to reveal the truth. The movie is very comedic, starting in the first scene. Most jokes pertain to the idea that both men are hard of hearing or seeing.

Watch the trailer here.

Fright Night Part 2:

The sequel to the first Fright Night came out on May 19th. It has the typical 80s gore like cheesy fake blood and vibrant colored contacts, but it’s freakier than Twilight. The vampire’s sister, Regine, comes to take revenge on the two that helped destroy her brother, Jerry. Charley comes to his own realization that vampires aren’t real and that Jerry was only pretending to be one. This belief doesn’t last for too long as Regine causes more trouble. It is recommended to watch the first one to totally understand everything that happens and to see Regine’s true motive. “The acting is so bad it’s good,” said Ms. Smith, English teacher. “It is super cheesy, over and underacted. This movie did not win any Oscars, but is still delightful.”

Watch the trailer here.

Miracle Mile:

Harry and Julie have an instant connection and fall in love in this movie, which only takes place in one day. To hang out again, Harry has to wait until Julie stops working at midnight, though Harry’s power goes out and his alarm to wake him for the date doesn’t go off. He ends up trying to call Julie about what had happened, but instead gets a strange call about a nuclear war. It’s up to Harry to warn those around him about it, even if the war is not confirmed. Miracle Mile released on May 19th.

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Road House:

“I think it was enjoyable because it took a unique turn and storyline on the justice between right and wrong,” Larry Cadam, an HMI Technician, said. On May 19th, 1989 Patrick Swayze starred in this cult classic about a bouncer who cleans up a bar. He’s the good guy of the story and his goal is to defeat the bad people who run the town. Swayze’s performance wasn’t highly acclaimed by critics, but there is a good storyline.

Watch the trailer here.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

The third movie to this franchise released on May 24th of 1989. The story of this movie revolves around the Holy Grail and that Indy must find it. However, while he tries to find it, his father goes missing. “The story is always good,” Katherine Nibbe, a retired cosmetologist, said. “They’re always after something different.” Will Indiana Jones find the Holy Grail and his father? Watch to find out.

Watch the trailer here.

Take a trip back to these various movies and watch them in May, or even over the summer break. Stay busy and enjoy.