Class of 2019 Spec 6 athletes: Males


Dominique Harlan, Jeffrey Afriyie

Photos Provided By: (left to right) Tessa-Michael Wolde, Ethan Fray, and Quincey Jewett. 

Ethan Fray (Story by: Dominique Harlan)

For senior Ethan Fray, football is what he lives, breathes, and eats.

“He loves the game,” began Coach Alconcel. “When you say ‘football is life…’ football is life for him.”

According to Fray, he has been surrounded by everything football since he was born. Fray’s father, who played football as well, was one of his inspirations to begin playing. As soon as he was old enough, he jumped on it at the age of four.

“There’s even a picture my mom has where I’m at my first football game that my dad was coaching and he’s holding me in one hand and a football in the other and I’m smaller than the football,” Fray joked.

Not only is Fray invested in football, but he also runs track and field.

“Track and football I would say don’t vary at all as they are definitely not for the weak, both take every bit of mental strength you have and then some more,” Fray said.

Senior Ethan Fray walks to line up for the next play on the turf at the APSS during a football game (Photo provided by Ethan Fray).

As a student-athlete, Fray is forced to juggle several things: “I work out on the weekends and during the week, and when I’m not working out I’m doing homework, and when I’m not doing homework I’m emailing coaches…” Fray explained.

Between his schedule, he finds time to spend with his friends and family.

“He has a good personality. He’s very funny and nonchalant,” said senior and friend Zulema Salazar.

Though Fray involves himself with more than one sport, he describes football as more than just a passion for him.

“Passion is not good enough to describe my drive and love of football. The memories made and lessons learned from football are those you never wanna give up or get away from,” said Fray.

Those around Fray would agree that his love for the game is shown in the way he plays.

To further his football career, Fray has committed to Chadron State in Nebraska on a partial scholarship.

“I am moving on to the most important years of my life where I will get my degree and make friends which will both have a positive and lasting impact on the rest of my life,” concluded Fray.

Quincey Jewett (Story by: Jeffrey Afriyie) 

Senior varsity basketball player Quincey Jewett has worked hard in the four years that he has attended Rangeview High School. He has fought through many adversities which has helped him to get to the place he is currently and is continuing to reach his goals.

Freshmen year, Jewett tried out for the basketball team but didn’t make it. According to Jewett, he was really devastated because they had told him he wasn’t good enough at any position. He wanted to give up on basketball, but he saw varsity players getting more work in after practice or even during off periods, so he told himself he just needed to get better.

“If I gave up I wouldn’t have had a good high school career in general,” Jewett stated. “I don’t even know if I would’ve had motivation to come to school.”

Senior Quincey Jewett goes up for a lay-up against Gateway (Jeffrey Afriyie).

Sophomore year, Jewett made c-team. For most people, making c-team can come off as a disappointment, but Jewett was excited — it showed that his hard work had paid off. Despite this, he knew he still had more work to do. He was awarded the c-team MVP at the end of the season.

Junior year, Jewett made JV. He ended that season with JV MVP, but he also got some varsity reps for the first time.

“I was excited to get varsity reps for the time, but I was hoping for more,” Jewett said.

This year, Jewett’s final year in high school, he knew he had to do his best.

He had made a mark in the season game opener against Prairie View High School where he scored 29 points and had 10 rebounds. He ended the season making 1st team all-state and player of the year.

“Quincey has been trying to outwork everyone for four years. His progress has been remarkable,” stated Varsity Basketball Coach Shawn Palmer.

Quincey ended his high school career strong and will be continuing his career at Northeastern Junior College.

Tessa-Michael Wolde (Story by: Oscar Perez)

When it comes down to the most talented runners that compete at Rangeview, Tessa-Michael Wolde is up there. Aid to be humble, unique, and positive, Wolde is a student that will be leaving his mark. Wolde is an inspiring figure to his friends and everyone in APS. The multiple time state competitor says he, “will miss the rare but eventful” environment that is Rangeview.

His success in running for the school in both track and cross country motivated him to keep competing.

“I definitely plan on running after high school,” Wolde mentioned. Wolde says he is planning on heading straight over to Colorado Mesa University and continuing his passion for running.

Over his four years of high school, he kept to himself.

“I love interacting with people and helping out when I can but for me, keeping a solid mindset where I don’t have to worry about other things definitely contributed to the success I’ve had so far in life,” said Wolde.

Junior teammate Luke Sundberg poses with Wolde. Sundberg said, “Tessa is an inspiration to me. Ever since I’ve met him, I’ve respected his hustle and I’m going to make sure I push myself every single day just like he did. Always going to appreciate him.” (Photo provided by Tessa-Michael Wolde)

Cross Country Coach Ms. Brady says he always tried his best no matter what the situation was. His contribution to the school has beneficially impacted himself as well as his teammates.

Ms. Brady stated, “For the two years that I have known him as an athlete, he is a leader and he is determined to make sure everyone is taken care of.”

Even outside of school, Wolde definitely experienced fun times.

“I remember this one time I was out with my friend going for a run. We attempted to run across the street when a car that was flying by nearly hit us. The worst part about it was that they didn’t even bother stopping or even slowing down… It would have completely ended my running career but thankfully it didn’t — I think it was just destiny that was on my side that day and for that I am grateful,” said Wolde.

Like Raiders in the past, Wolde will be remembered for his generous interactions with students and his impressive passion for running.

“I loved my time at Rangeview and I’m never going to forget the good times I had here with some amazing people,” concluded Wolde.