Class of 2019 Spec 6 athletes: Females


Amor-Leigh Wilson, Dominique Harlan

Feature Photos Provided By: (left to right) Dawnielle Lewis, Cheyanne Bao, and Alexis Hurtado  Seniors Dawnielle Lewis, Cheyanne Boe, and Alexis Hurtado pose for their senior photos.

Cheyanne Boe (Story by: Amor-Leigh Wilson)

According to many students and teachers, Cheyanne Boe is not only an ambitious student in the classroom, she is also a hardworking and talented volleyball and tennis player here at Rangeview.

Boe has played volleyball since her seventh-grade year at Mrachek Middle School. She has played for rec teams during the off season while also attending camps in order to help improve on any skills and techniques for the sport.

Despite Boe excelling at volleyball, she wanted to explore other sports for a bit of change.

She claimed, “I thought about playing basketball, but I wanted to play a sport that would help me practice the skills in volleyball.” Ultimately, Boe decided to play tennis, adding, “Tennis is a huge stress relief for me now.”

Boe began playing tennis her freshman year and former Head Coach Bradley Emmer noticed Boe’s potential in the sport and decided to place her on the varsity team midway through her season.

Senior Cheyanne Boe (middle) comes down after spiking the ball during volleyball practice (Amor-Leigh Wilson).

Emmer said, “I think Cheyanne is very hardworking and determined. And I would classify her as a perfectionist, she always wants to be the best at what she does and is willing to put forth time and energy to accomplish that.”

Boe began to show talent in both sports by making a name for herself on the volleyball court as well as the tennis court.

She played on the varsity tennis team all four years and currently holds the number one singles spot for the 2019 spring season. She also played on the varsity volleyball team her junior year as well as her senior year.

Boe began to harvest a love for tennis that she was lacking with volleyball. She began to favor tennis more, playing the sport every chance she got. She plans to play the sport on an intramural team after high school, despite not playing for her college.

According to Boe’s father Brue Boe, “I believe she has a very competitive nature and she just loves sports.”

Boe plans to further her education at the University of Wyoming studying business administration with a concentration in real estate.  

Dawnielle Lewis (Story by: Dominique Harlan)

People can spend lifetimes searching for their passions. For senior Dawnielle Lewis, the search is not necessary because she has already found hers: track and field.

“I would describe my high school track experience as a rollercoaster,” began Lewis.

Lewis knew she wanted to do it all: the meets that ran long, the enthusiasm she felt while watching other athletes compete, and the hard work at practices — and she wanted to be good. Several agree she is doing just that.

“The way she accelerates and picks up speed while running is crazy to see. She looks calm, relaxed, and focused,” said senior and close friend Gabriel Garyeazon.

Lewis is coached by her dad, Don Lewis, outside of school. He also coached her older brother and sister prior to her.

“I remember wanting to run with [my brother and sister] in flip-flops,” stated Lewis.

Acting on the desire to run track, Lewis went from idolizing her siblings, to pushing herself to be the strong athlete she is today ten years later.

Now, she is a full-time student and arguably, a full-time athlete as well.

Senior Dawnielle Lewis commits to the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) with her mother, Tanya Lewis, by her side (Dominique Harlan).

“I had her in civics,” began social studies teacher Mrs. Walsh. “We talked sports a lot and track. She’s very quiet but driven. You can see it in her eyes, but she’s not outgoing about it. I wouldn’t want to cross her.”

Lewis began running competitively at age eight. This required multiple practices a week, in which she still experiences.

Though track quickly became Lewis’ priority, she was open to trying out other sports as well.

“I tried out volleyball because it was something different, but I was never great at it. I was better at track and I chose to focus on one sport,” Lewis said.

Lewis has accomplished several things in track that speaks to her talent, such as finishing first place in a countless number of meets to being named MVP for the EMAC girls.

Coach Carhart, who has known Lewis since she was a freshman, stated, “[Watching her run] is very exciting. She’s a competitor, and all eyes are on her.”

Lewis plans to further her track career on a partial scholarship at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), Greely.

“There were a lot of obstacles over the year that I had to overcome. As I’m coming closer to my finals days of being a high school student, I’m becoming more excited to see what’s next,” concluded Lewis.

Alexis (Lexi) Hurtado (Story by: Mercedes Capozzolo)

Alexis (Lexi) Hurtado is a varsity volleyball player and is a six-rotation outside hitter. She has played many sports since she was a kid, but she has completely excelled in volleyball.

“I used to play basketball, competitive softball, and run track but I’ve been playing volleyball year round since I was 14,” said Hurtado.

She has won many awards for volleyball while in high school:

  • MaxPreps player of the week.
  • Four year varsity athlete.
  • Three year varsity captain.
  • Two time second team all conference.
  • Two time first all team conference.
  • Two time league MVP.
  • Two time first team all city.
  • All-state team senior year.
  • Broke the school “total kills in a season” record.
  • Led her team in kills, blocks, serve receptions, and aces.
  • Ranked in the top five outside hitters in the state.


Senior Alexis Hurtado goes up for a spike during a volleyball game earlier in the season (VeThalia Warren).

She has accomplished a lot in her years in this sport, and has inspired those around her.

“I’ve known Lexi for four years, she’s a role model to a lot of us, most of us don’t get to play at as high of a level that she plays at, so to have someone to look up to for technique and attitude is really helpful, especially during some harder games, she was the one to really lift us and bring us all together,” said senior Karly Trimble.

Hurtado thanks many people, including herself, for pushing her to where she stands today in life and in volleyball.

“Knowing my ability and full potential that I can be one of the best athletes in Colorado, I push myself to be the best when I step on the court. The unconditional love and support for my family, friends, and coaches. they all truly believe in me so much. I wouldn’t be where I am without them,” said Hurtado.

Hurtado will be furthering her volleyball career in college.

“Committing to a college in Florida and receiving a full ride scholarship to a school are my favorite accomplishments and they mean a lot to me,” states Hurtado.

Hurtado will be attending a two year junior college in Fort Myers, Florida on a full ride volleyball scholarship to Florida Western.