Class of 2019 Top 10: (#6) Andrea Reyna


Jayah Caley, Review Staff

Feature Photo Provided By: Andrea Reyna – Senior Andrea Reyna poses outside of Rangeview High School. These last few days of the year will be her last days walking in through those doors.

Andrea Reyna is ranked number six within the class of 2019. Reyna is said to be a kind, caring, and supportive friend, teammate, student, and so on. Reyna’s journey to the top 10 started long before high school. She mentioned her being in top 10 as something she’s always seen for herself.

Senior Brianna Spence said, “I’m going to miss how easy going she is. She takes everything with stride and is frankly the calmest and most put-together person I’ve ever met.”

Reyna said her inspiration comes from her two twin friends who live in Mexico. They are the same age as Reyna (seventeen) but they’re in sixth grade.

“[My friends] inspire and remind me to take advantage of the access to education that I have,” Reyna said.

One of Reyna’s greatest motivations is her parents. She said they have greatly impacted her life and are constant reminders as to why she continues to do what she does.

A passion of Reyna’s is her commitment to her church and to God. She is very involved within her church. She’s the president of her youth group and previously she’s had the roles of secretary and treasurer for four years. Her roles have even rolled into the district-wide function.  

“I’m not scared to leave high school, if anything, I’m very excited,” said Reyna.

Along with her involvement in the church, she has also been on the Rangeview softball team all four years. She was one of the captains for varsity.

Reyna has also dedicated a lot of time to volunteering at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Reyna sits in her AP Chemistry class and studies for the AP test that is coming up on May 7th. Reyna is in the final stretch of her high school career and is going to end it with the completion of three AP tests. (Jayah Caley)

“I feel like I didn’t really have the opportunity to find my group, who I am, where I belong, at school and I think I might find that in college,” said Reyna.

This year, Reyna is taking three AP classes: AP chemistry, AP calculus, and AP biology. Along with her three AP classes, she is also taking CCA English Composition 1 & 2 along with French.

Reyna said, “To classes below me, you have to motivate yourself. Don’t do it for your parents, friends, or teachers, do it for yourself otherwise it’s not going to work out.”

Some of her teammates from softball said they recall always seeing her working on homework or studying as they made their way to games.

“Rangeview has given me lots of opportunities to advance in my academic career. The one thing I’m going to miss the most are the assemblies because they were always fun to go to,” said Reyna.

Post high school, Reyna plans on going to CU Boulder to study biochemical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering. She says she hopes to get on the study abroad program and see where it takes her.