Class of 2019 Mrs. RHS: Donovan Strouse


Caroline Smith, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Monty Nuss – Donovan Strouse poses for her senior picture. 

From the first day you walk into the halls of Rangeview you’re told to get involved: join clubs, go to events, participate, and show Raider spirit. This is what Donovan Strouse has done throughout her four years at Rangeview.

For all four years, Strouse has been a Thespian, a Varsity Poms dancer, and been in Student Leadership.

She held a position in office each year starting with Freshman Class President working her way up to the Student Body President during her senior year. She’s also been in Advanced Performing Arts all four years, National Honors Society for two years, and show choir for one year.

Many say  Strouse is someone who is highly committed to Rangeview and just screams, “Rangeview!”. She did not just create this high school career herself, but used the help of others along the way.

“I’ve had my share of mental breakdowns from being overwhelmed, but there has always been someone who has picked me back up again,” Strouse said, “No way could I have been a part of so much if I didn’t have the support I did.”

One of Strouse’s inspirations was her brother who was involved a lot when he went to Rangeview. Watching her brother be so successful inspired Strouse to get involved and doing so, resulted in long-lasting friendships and memories, as well as an unforgettable experience for her.

From the beginning, Strouse had the mindset that you can’t meet new people if you aren’t involved. Strouse said that over the years, she’s had senior Jordan Clanton to lean on.

“Donovan is hard-working, reliable, considerate of people’s opinions, and most of all, she has made a name for herself as a leader without the aid of her family name,” Clanton says, “Donovan has worked for everything she has accomplished, and will continue to positively impact people wherever life after high school takes her.”

Relying on her friends and the people around her helped Strouse become involved with the Rangeview community.

“Rangeview has truly made a huge impact on my life. I’ve met some of my life long friends, and it’s shaped me into the woman I am today. I am grateful to all the people who I’ve met and have helped pave the way towards my future. For I would not be who I am without you all,” Strouse said.

Being so involved within Rangeview helps make it a good place. Strouse is well known throughout the school and has so much spirit for the place. Many people say that she represents Rangeview well. Strouse created this good high school experience for herself by getting involved and becoming known throughout the walls of Rangeview. Any opportunity Strouse had to perform or participate she took because being an active member of Rangeview helped her build her strong high school career.

Strouse said, “I hope everyone has the Raider spirit that the class of 2019 showed every day. I want every student and staff member to be proud to be a Raider because Rangeview is one hell of a school. Once a Raider, always a Raider.” 

Video By: Karisa Shumock-Kelly, Review Contributor