Class of 2019 Mr. RHS: Abel Mesfin


Yucheng Zhang, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Gavin Kunn – Abel Mesfin sits in a field as he poses for his senior photo. He was selected as this year’s Mr. RHS.

No matter what Rangeview event you attend, there’s a safe chance that Abel Mesfin will be there. Whether it be a game, StuCo event, or play, you are almost sure to see Mesfin, with a smile on his face, embodying the participation and excellence that defines Raider pride. Thus, it comes as no surprise to many that Mesfin was elected as this year’s Mr. RHS.

Many would agree that Mesfin is without a doubt one of the most involved students in the graduating class of 2019 — he is a member of the school’s yearbook, student leadership, animal rescue club, and a plethora of other activities.

Despite being too humble to agree, those who work with Mesfin say that he has a huge impact on the community around him.

Mesfin has been an active member of Rangeview’s yearbook class for four years. This year, he has held the position of editor in chief — the highest position in the class. His work in yearbook fostered his love for graphic design and through his hard work and dedication, Mesfin has found a success that set him as a role model for many.

“As far as most of the flyers you see around the school, the designs on yearbooks and other small things like that — those are usually things I’ve created,” says Mesfin.

Many of his contributions include: creating both physical and digital flyers for various events, editing and compiling the homecoming videos, creating Rangeview’s first ever Lip Dub, among many others.  

Another point of Mesfin’s many contributions is student council. He has been a member of leadership for three and a half years and holds the position of student body historian this year.

Abel jumps in the air as he showcases his playful and charismatic personality.

“Abel is one of the most creative young men I’ve ever met,” says leadership teacher Mrs. Dean. “He’s a huge asset to the leadership program and I don’t think we could be nearly as successful as we were this year without him.”

Aside from his achievement in the classroom, Mesfin is known for his extracurricular participation. He is usually one of the loudest fans in the stands and the first to arrive at any event, sporting his white RHS overalls with the iconic “call me” letters sprawled across the back.

“I love attending games,” says Mesfin. “Alongside that my favorite memories about Rangeview are the small things – the laughter, the off periods, the fun.”

Above all, many say that Mesfin is an incredible friend and a great guy to be around.

“He’s actually one of my favorite people,” says close friend and senior Indi Sandika. “He always makes me laugh and he is always the class clown. You can rely on able to anything – like if you need a flyer made or honestly anything. He’s super funny, super caring, and you know that he has good intentions for everything.”

With all the success that emanates from Mesfin, it makes sense that failure is his greatest enemy.

“Failure is my biggest fear,” says Mesfin. “Whether it’s something small like failing a quiz or something big like something like not making my parents proud, my major goal is to not fail.”

On that note, Mesfin maintains a very close relationship with his family and seeks recognition only through making them proud. He finds inspiration through his grandfather and, looking towards him as a role model, will be attending the University of Colorado at Denver to pursue marketing and hopefully attain a license in real estate.

Mesfin hopes to continue positively shaping the community around him and bring joy and laughter to anyone he can. With a legacy of success, excellence, and involvement, he leaves these parting words: “Don’t stress about anything. If you mess up, you mess up. Just live life at its fullest.”