Coldplay No More


Michael Cordova, Op Ed Editor

It was reported in early 2015 that the beloved band ColdPlay would be disbanding after their soon to come out seventh album. As a fan of Coldplay, I can’t help but want to curl up in a ball and pretend it isn’t happening.

A band breaking up is a fairly natural occurrence, but it really is a shame when it happens to a band as popular as Coldplay or other past favorites like My Chemical Romance or the Swedish House Mafia. The thing most fans struggle with is the fact that most of these bands break up in what seems to be their prime. MCR had just started releasing some of the wicked music videos and seemed to have some sort of comic book esque storyline to everything that they did before the tragic break up in 2013.

Becoming a fan is a risk, not that different from buying a puppy. When we get the new pet, we are so excited that we overlook the looming fact that one day it won’t be there. Music will always be alive and thriving, but losing a band, especially one as influencial and popular as Coldplay, is a dark time for anyone.

But there is hope! The seventh and final album will most likely be amazing, like everything else the band does. Not only is this great, but there are also small hints of a new project about which I’m sure new information will leak out over time.

“Not to say that there might not be another thing one day, but this is the completion of something,” Coldplay front man Chris Martin tells People magazine. “Now we are making things that sound different. It’s just a very fun time to be in our band.”

The only thing I can gather from this new info is that the band may be working on something new, like working under a new name for a new style of a music.

Coldplay will be dearly missed by not only those who went to every concert they could possibly attend but even by those who just heard “yellow” or “paradise” on the radio. Let the greatest hits album come as soon as it can, and hope that the reunion is as wonderful as the band was.