Male Teacher of the Year: Mr. Wells


Brooklyn Dolan, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Brooklyn Dolan – Mr.Wells has a conversation with sophomore Alex Easton during class. Easton says that Wells is his favorite teacher this year.

This year, the students chose to recognize Mr. Wells as the Male Teacher of the Year for all he has done to better the school’s environment, students’ personal lives, as well as his time spent in the school.

Mr. Wells is a tenth grade English teacher. Despite him only teaching sophomores, many of the upperclassmen who used to have him say that he left a lasting impact on their outlook on life.

Junior Daisha Scoggins, who had Mr. Wells last year for honors English 10, said, “He pushed me and showed me as long as I put the effort forward, you’ll eventually be awarded. You could tell he loved teaching kids English and that he loved his job.”

Mr. Wells does everything that he can to make Rangeview a more positive place, and most of his students would say that this is reflected in the work that he does every day.

Mr. Wells said, “I try to make Rangeview a better place by being my best when I am in the building, whether that is as a co-worker or teacher. I am taking classes to further my own education in pursuit of being better at my job.”

Some of his students enjoy the fact that he is willing to be unique and do things that are different from other teachers. Students like how he tries to be more welcoming to them and does what he can to make them feel more comfortable in his classroom.

Mr. Wells collects papers from his students as they leave the classroom (Brooklyn Dolan).

Sophomore Sarah Bendahmane, who has Mr. Wells this year, said, “He has been the only teacher that has addressed problems and given us a place to share our opinions regarding the problems that everyone else ignores.”

Not only do his students enjoy this but they say that they appreciate the dedication and care that Mr. Wells obviously puts into his work every day. Most of them say that they enjoy how welcoming he is to his students, and how willing he is to help.

Sophomore Alex Easton said, “He is more of a friend than a teacher and he has helped me through the hardest time in my life.”

Most of the students who’ve experienced Mr. Wells’ class would say that the amount of dedication, care, and passion they see in his work motivate them to do better, because of how inspiring it can be to them.

Mr. Wells also seems to have made a goal for himself to make all of his students better and help them in any way that he can.

Wells said,“ When I encounter a truly amazing thought from a student, either in discussion or in writing, it is rewarding to know that you helped that student access something special. I really enjoy interacting with students and learning their view of the world, their goals, and their dreams.”

Wells is a teacher that many students say is amazing, and would enjoy having him as a teacher again.