Adopt a friend?


Rediet Ayanaw, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Stephanie Pickens- A cat looks through the window to bathe in some sunlight.

Want to adopt a friend near you?

The annual amount of pets being adopted is about 1.5 million out of the 6.5 millions of pets in shelter each year. These numbers tend to go up each year, and most of the time it’s for a reason. About 68 percent of American households own pets; up from 56 percent in 1988.

Research shows that pet keeping is more common among homeowners. People who live in apartments usually have cats since the actively loud nature is prohibited in apartments. It also shows that pet owners tend to be more extroverted, confident, and assertive.

Pet keeping overall has shown that the owners are happier and live a more peaceful life than those who don’t own a pet. That companionship is what makes pets more human-friendly. Whether you are walking your pet, going to the park with them or simply petting them, these activities make a positive difference in people’s health.  

“A lot of people of suffering from mental illness at the moment, and people also say they feel disconnected,” said sophomore Bonsitu Kebeto. “Whatever the reason, a pet can help them rebuild their social skills.”

Siamese cat poses in front of a TV screen. (Stephanie Pickens)

According to a study done by Purdue University, when a person pets a dog, their blood pressure goes down, their breathing and muscles became more relaxed, and their heart rate slows down. These are all signs of a healthier, more relaxed human. Humans and pets have an undeniable bond and this can be seen through a poll where 95 percent of pet owners believe their pets are members of the family.

However, owning a pet is not all smiles.

“A pet is probably too much of a responsibility because it’s caring for another life,” said Elilli Kebeto. “You have to be willing to clean up after your pets and get up to assist them even if you don’t want to.”

Some pets like dogs need a lot of responsibility such as an open free space, time with its owner, and a lot of catering. These things take a long time to fully get and often are needed to make the pet’s environment a loving one.

“I like that pets can be there for you whenever you need,” said sophomore Alexis Macsheen.  “It’s like a personal support system whenever you want.”

Pets–especially dogs– have proven to be one of the most loyal animals to humans. Most of the time, they love to be there for humans. This can be seen in many movies where the character is sad and their dog comes to comfort them.

Most popular dogs:

  1. Labrador retriever
  2. German shepherd
  3. Golden retriever
  4. French bulldog
  5. Bulldog

Most popular cats:

  1. Siamese
  2. Persian
  3. Maine Coon
  4. Ragdoll
  5. Bengal

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