Alcala participates in NMUN


Brooklyn Dolan, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Jayah Caley – Myriam points at something in her leadership class. Alcala is involved with Rangeview’s leadership program.

According to Mrs. Walsh, RHS social studies teacher and overseer of the section of NMUN for CCA, “Every fall, CCA puts on its own MUN competition for all Political Science classes at CCA, Rangeview, Overland and Arapahoe Community College. If you want to apply to join the CCA delegation to attend the National and International Competition in New York City, every student can. “

Myriam-Fernanda Alcala Delgado is a junior at Rangeview High School who is involved in many things within the school, and most recently, she has been chosen to be on the National Model United Nations (NMUN) and was the only high school student chosen.

Mrs. Walsh said, “She is a vital part of the team and is excited about going to NYC. She is on a certain committee and will represent CCA in that committee.”

The group traveled to New York City, New York to compete over spring break.

Alcala works diligently in her 6th period journalism class. Myriam is an editor for that class and writes stories for the opinion desk. (Picture provided by Brooklyn Dolan)

While some may say that it isn’t very shocking that Alcala was chosen for the National Model United Nations (NMUN).

Alcala was very dedicated while preparing for NMUN. The program is selective, yet she was still able to get the spot over many other college students that applied for it.

She claims that she was chosen because she was “lucky enough” to write her paper on Mexico. Alcala said that it helped that she was passionate about what she was writing about, so she was able to be even more passionate while presenting it.

Alcala strongly believes in equality and wants to do what she can to raise awareness within society about discriminations and inequalities that are present in everyday situations — this was represented through her presentation at NMUN.

“…My motivation comes from my family. My mom and dad always taught me to be a good person and do what’s right, and my sisters taught me to fight for what I believe in; they motivate me in such a unique way,” stated Alcala.

Alcala excitedly greets her friend, Katiana Williams after coming back after a trip out of state. She went to New York with the NMUN for a conference. (Picture provided by Jayah Caley)

Many people who know Alcala are proud of her accomplishments and how much success she’s had in such a short period of time. They see her acceptance into the NMUN as a way of showing how unique and uncommon passion like hers is, considering the work she put in, and passion she had for getting into the NMUN.

“I’m extremely proud of everything she has done,” Duncan stated.

All of the work that the NMUN does exemplifies the great amounts of time, energy and effort they put into doing what they love. This was also proved, while in NYC the CCA portion of the NMUN received the “Honorable Delegation,” which technically speaking would be considered third place. Many people would say that that just being accepted into the team of the NMUN that goes to New York shows just how much passion these students have, and how the results of all their hard work prove how much they are capable of.