“Thank you, Next”


Amor-Leigh Wilson, Review Staff

Feature Photo Provided By: Amor-Leigh Wilson – Amor-Leigh Wilson poses for her senior photo.

Editor’s Note: Senior Salutes are an outlet for graduating seniors on The Raider Review staff to share their concluding thoughts about anything involving their last four years of high school/their time leading up to this point. Congratulations graduating class of 2019.

With graduation literally around the corner and the sudden reality that I will no longer be a high school student, I have been left with so many feelings: anxiousness, fear, excitement, joy, relief, and everything in between.

I want to leave Rangeview, but at the same time I don’t want to leave the place I have considered a second home for these past four years.

I have learned so much and experienced so much in the time I have spent at Rangeview and I am not sure that I am ready to give that up. I have had so many resources at my disposal and met so many different and amazing people simply by being a student here. To suddenly no longer have that results in me feeling a bit of fear.

Regardless, they are going to call my name on May 21st to receive my diploma and I have no choice but to be ready. Ready for what this world has to offer me when I am no longer a high school student.

When they say, “high school goes by fast” they never really tell you how fast. I still remember the first day of freshman year like it was yesterday — no one wanting to talk except our Link Leaders.

Two years later I became the Link Leader guiding freshmen through the halls as we searched for the “third floor.” I remember waking up at 6:30 am just to do that Sladek sunrise, and when I was president of book club and I opened my mind up to different ideas and different types of people. I recall discussing social issues during social justice club, and struggling to find a photo of the day for the Raider Review, and when I joined cross country and passed out at the end of my first ever 5k.

I am going to miss it and I wish I didn’t take it all for grant it as it is coming to an end.

At the same time I am relieved that I will no longer be considered a high school student, but rather an adult.

I am excited to see what my life will look like in 10 years. Will I run another 5k or join another book club?

I am excited to see myself without the resources and people I have met at Rangeview.

I am excited to say that I have a diploma and that I completed 12 years of public education.

I am excited to see what my first day of Basic Military Training will look like.

I wouldn’t be excited for those things if it wasn’t for Rangeview so I would like to  thank all of my teachers here that have impacted my life, good and bad.

I want to thank all the students at Rangeview that make it impossible to walk through the halls.

I want to thank all the friends that I have lost and gained because you all taught me something about myself.

I want to thank all of the counselors for being there when I needed to talk.

I want to thank the administration for never letting me walk through the doors without my ID and making sure Rangeview is a safe place.

Thank you Rangeview for preparing me for my life outside of high school.