The Graffiti Run


Vanessa Guereca, Reporter

For as colorful as this lede can be, there is nothing more colorful than the graffiti run.

The Graffiti Run is one of the most colorful events someone can attend (besides a candy store opening) in which they can run, walk, skip, dance or even crawl their way through a colorful 5k adventure. During the course, participants will pass certain graffiti zones where they will be bombed with non-toxic colored power, all leading up to a colorful party at the end of their 5k experience.

People attending have to wear a white shirt in order to participate, it is mandatory and it is highly recommended to wear white bottoms. In other words, anyone attending should just pull on anything white they have in their closet.

Taking place on Saturday April 25th at the Sports Authority Stadium, RHS leadership is inviting RHS students to participate and have fun attending this activity. The cost will slowly go up as certain dates pass, currently the cost is $45 and that day at the door the cost will be $55. There are more details about the cost on the graffiti run website. (

“It’s sure to be a lot of fun!” said freshman Maddie Heiken, “It’d be great to see everyone there having fun and enjoying themselves.”