Congrats to the Athletic Director of the year, Vic Strouse


Javon Harris, Sports Editor

Coach Vic Strouse coaching girl’s varsity practice, Strouse recently won 5A athletic director of the year. (Javon Harris)

When you devote 29 years of your life to athletic coaching and 36 years to the education board, the dedication needs recognition, and it’s no surprise that Vic Strouse was awarded 5A Athletic Director of the year.

Strouse was awarded the Athletic Director of the year from the Colorado Athletic Director Association or CADA in recognition of his great leadership through the athletic programs at Rangeview High School.

“You just have to do your job, take care of your kids & the school and the athletics involved,” said Strouse who’s also the head varsity boys’ soccer team coach and assistant girls’ varsity coach.

“I wouldn’t have won this award if it wasn’t for Ms. Jerome (who’s the athletic director assistant), she does all the dirty work,” adds Strouse. “It’s certainly a team effort here.”

This award ranks up there for Vic Strouse with the other nine coach of the year awards, and one state coach of the year in 1994 in which he coached the Raider girl’s to a state title.

“I think it’s a very big deal,” said Shawn Palmer, the head boys’ varsity basketball coach, “I was hired before he was Athletic Director and when he became one again from being a teacher, it helped him get a better idea on how he wanted things to be run. I think his greatest attribute he holds is his experience as a coach, he’s one of the best soccer coaches in the state and he knows what he needs as a coach that helps him as an Athletic Director.”