A Disney+ Review


Junior Priscilla Tampubolon sits in the commons during 6th period scrolling through Disney+. The subscription is available on all (supported) technologies.

Ruth Mesfin, AME Reporter

On November 12th, 2019, Disney made a big decision to release their own viewing platform: Disney+. Disney+ appeals to a wide variety of people ranging from children–with programs from Disney Junior–to adults with more mature programs. 

With a monthly subscription, viewers pay $6.99/month or $12.99 with the package of ESPN+ and HULU. The majority of Disney+ users are extremely pleased and happy with the ease the comes with subscribing to the service. 

“To me, Disney+ is super nice, because not only do I get to rewatch movies that I’ve recently become interested in, but I can also watch a bunch of shows I watched during my childhood that make me feel nostalgic — while also trying to find more things that might entertain me,” said junior Brooklyn Dolan.

As of March 2019, Disney owns 21st Century Fox paying up to $71.3 billion, owning shows ranging from The Simpsons to movies like Ice Age. 

Not only does Disney+ have movies that just recently came out, but they additionally have movies that were released earlier, like in the 1920s. Disney+ has programs from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic with nearly 500 films and 7,500 episodes of content. Along with this they’ve introduced Disney+ originals such as High School Musical: The Musical The Series. 

However, on the down side, Disney+ has affected other programs like Netflix, with Disney removing movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Family Guy. 

Recently, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, Netflix, announced their multi-year deal with Nickelodeon, after one day of the Disney+ launch. The deal is said “to produce original animated feature films and tv shows” with the threat that Disney+ brings, possibly taking “33% of Netflix’s customers.” 

“I can see how Netflix can lose some customers because Disney+ draws a younger audience and can entertain a big range of people, but if I had to choose, Disney+ would be my pick.” said junior Evelyn Nava.

Overall there have been more positive reviews on Disney+ than many have expected, but how do Rangeview students feel about Disney’s new launch? Check out the video below to find out!