PARCC becomes relentless



By Jackie Moreno, Reporter

As previously reported standardized testing will resume again in April as the second half of testing after two weeks spent testing in March on the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for Colleges and Careers).

The constantly changing test has been met with negative reviews from students.

“It was pointless,” said Junior Tremayne Joiner. “PARCC does nothing for me; all the questions that they asked were irrelevant from what we were learning at the moment.”

Testing will begin on April 20th with freshman testing first and will end on May 15th. What caused greater grief for students was being expected to go to our classes.

“All students not testing are required to go to their classes,” said Assistant Principal Josh Cooley.

Classes will run as normal for all students, while teachers adjust their schedules for students who will be testing during this time period. Students are hopeful that these new assessments will not remain for a long period of time.

Schedule for PARCC testing can be found at: