Serenity Monroe

Raider Review’s Generation Z 100

January 10, 2020

Generation Z: the rising teens and young adults, the trendsetters, and the generation that questions the status quo while still maintaining a satirical outlook on life. Generation Z is the second largest; yet, the most diverse generation with roughly half representing minority populations. This list looks at 100 trends, moments, artists, events, movements and more that have helped form our identity. So stay on your phone and check it out. 


Gen Zers were the first generation who experienced the evolution of iPhones and social media. Beginning with Facebook to Instagram to Tik Tok; Gen Zers dominate the media platform and some have made a living off of it as influencers.

1._Vine (Valeria Acosta)

“Hurricane Katrina, more like hurricane tortilla,” “ Road Work Ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does,” and “Stawp, I could’ve dropped my croissant,” were all iconic quotes Gen Z know from Vine. Vine was an app released in 2013 that lets creators upload six-second videos for people to watch. Many kids liked the short funny clips which turned into hours and hours of watching multiple vines. The more popular vines were quoted by teenagers and younger kids everywhere, even to this day when the app was shut down in 2017. Overall Vine gave Gen Z something to collectively laugh at.

2. Twitter (Melanie Aguirre)

The growth of social media has come with a great increase of twitter users in the last decade. Twitter is known for its 134-character restriction for each tweet which in turn forces users to be very direct with what they are saying. The blatant honesty that Twitter causes our generation to use is either hilarious, raw and real, or raises awareness about issues happening all around the world. The app has grown in popularity because of the ease with which it is used compared to apps like Instagram which is known for perfect and artsy pictures. 

3. For the views: Infamous YouTube Challenges (Myriam Alcala)

From the Cinnamon challenge to the Ice Bucket challenge, these trends flooded Youtube and inspired movies like “Nerve.” Although dangerous and many medias took their time to warn parents against it, kids partook in these challenges as much as celebrities like Justin Bieber and Ellen. Remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? Yep, our generation had a tendency to inflict pain on ourselves for views; needless to say, some of these trends are meant to stay in the past.

4. Snapchat (Jayah Caley)

Snapchat has evolved so much since its original release date in 2011. With over 100 million users and over 1 billion snaps sent every day, it is safe to say that Snapchat is a defining factor of our generation. Snapchat connects people globally with its ability to share what is happening in one’s life for a 24-hour span. 

5. Tik Tok (Jayah Caley)

Tik Tok is the fastest growing social media platform. Tik Tok is used to share short videos of people singing, dancing, preaching, crying, joking, etc. This platform allows for a more expressive way of sharing with the world who you are. Tik Tok is to thank for many of this generation’s challenges such as the 223’s dance, renegade dance, best friend test, and many more. 

6. Instagram (Samrawit Kopessa)

Instagram is a free online platform with an online photo-sharing application. It was made in October of 2010 it is similar to Facebook and made by Facebook creators. Although in 2018, there were more than 100 million people active on Instagram. People like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Barack Obama, President Trump, etc use this social media platform. Instagram is $120 billion and 5x as Snapchat.

7. Hulu (Samrawit Kopessa)

Hulu is a United States-based subscription platform that people use to watch movies, TV shows, etc. It is fully controlled and majority-owned by Walt Disney with NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast. The price for Hulu’s demand is $5.99 – $11.99 and for Hulu’s live Tv service it costs $44.99 a month. On April 15, 2019, it was valued $15 billion. 

8. Youtube (Ruth Mesfin)

Youtube is a video service that offers a diverse variety of subjects to a wide range of viewers. Videos are made and published by different types of people from experienced makeup gurus to extremely knowledgeable authors and professors who want to display their work to the world. The purpose of every video is different, which makes it a good place for teens to relax; many are solely to entertain the viewers, while others strive to share helpful knowledge with anyone who needs it.

9. Amazon (Caroline Smith)

Generation Z has begun to use Amazon a lot. One of the things Amazon is used for is to order things that are delivered to your house. With Prime, there will be no cost of shipping, otherwise, there is a standard cost of shipping or a fast, express shipping cost. In 2017,  a feature was created by Amazon that allows teenagers, 13-17 years old, to create an account based on their parent’s original account. Our generation has increasingly used Amazon over the years.

10. Netflix (Caroline Smith)

Netflix has become a significant platform of media in our generation. Beginning in 2012, Netflix started creating its own original films and movies, which increased its amount of views overall. Many kids watch Netflix — when new shows come out, or a new season, everyone is posting about it on social media and talking about it. It’s mobile and accessible anywhere so it makes it very convenient to access the content. Additional to tv shows and movies, there are documentaries and more. 

11. Triller (Salmata Soulemane)

Triller is a recent social media app used to entertain people with dancing and enjoying the hottest/latest music. It trailed off from the other prominent apps: Vine, Musically, and inspired the most recently popular app Tik-Tok. The app is significant to our generation because it has caused more social media interaction, and created a space where people can show their creativity and more talent. The app has fallen under the radar lately; however, it has impacted social interpretations of people.

12. Google Classroom (Irl Paulalengan)

Clearly, Generation Z cares a lot about the environment, just look at all the hyped stainless straws, Greta’s movement, and the terms, ‘save the turtle.’ In addition to that, who use papers for school anymore? Our generation is cultured by the Internet and technologies. Does anyone know how to manually cite a paper? How about formatting paper, printing them, and stapling them? No more teachers grading things on paper, because everything is on Google Classroom. No wonder kids’ handwriting nowadays is terrible; they are better at typing!

13. Social Media Influencers (Brianna Sanchez)

“Hey what’s up guys! Yes!” is a greeting used by Youtuber Shane Dawson every time he starts a video. There are many YouTubers, Instagramers, and Snapchatters that have been labeled as influencers for the sole purpose that they’re often looked up to and have gained a fanbase due to their authenticity. Gen Z has given rise to these influencers by allowing them to connect with us. We’ve watched millions of their videos so much so that they are starting to become people we praise and at times we even act like they are people we know. Since they share their life online, we tend to do the same. 


Needless to say, Gen Zers tend to be nostalgic about their childhood since Disney, Nickelodeon and other forms of entertainment were at their prime time.

14. Pokémon (Glenda Chiang)

We wanted to be the very best like no one ever was. There was no guarantee that Pokémon shaped our childhood, regardless if we actually played the games or not. There are cute Pokémon, cool Pokémon, and some Pokémon that just catch our eye. A lot of people have a favorite Pokémon without ever having to play any of the games and that’s perfectly okay because Pokémon is for everyone.

15. Pillow Pets (Glenda Chiang)

Pillow Pets were a staple in some childhoods. We relished in the simplicity of having a pillow AND having a stuffed animal. It was almost an incognito excuse to have a stuffed animal in the first place. It was the perfect marketing ploy because we can have a friend in the shape of a pillow.

16. Zoopals (Glenda Chiang)

Even if some of us didn’t personally buy Zoo Pals to eat their snacks off of, we have at least seen the commercials about the product in a simple jingle. The simplicity of Zoo Pals has gotten a novelty as there have been plates where it features characters like Arthur. “Zoo Pals make eating fun!” and even though they are just paper plates with animal prints on them, it doesn’t take away the simplicity of little joys in animal-shaped objects. We loved the animal-shaped plates because it was so different from regular ol’ circle paper plates.

17. Poptropica (Valeria Acosta)

Released in 2007 and created by Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Poptropica was a game many kids played. It had the same vibe when first getting into computer games like Animal Jam and Club Penguin. The game had character customization and multiple adventures within it each having unique storylines such as zombies, superheroes, and island survival. Working hard many would spend hours solving puzzles to finish a storyline.  

18. Flappy Bird (Alexis Drummond)

On May 24, 2013, a man named Don Nguyen created a game that would be every phone screen’s nightmare. After the creator posted his high score on his new game, Flappy Bird became a big hit. After around 50 million downloads, people became obsessed with trying to beat their previous score. Due to the difficulty of the game, people began breaking their phones from tapping too hard and “rage-quitting.” On February 10, 2014, Flappy Bird was officially taken off the app store. 

19. Dinosaur Game (Alexis Drummond)

In 2014, the game every student loves to play when the internet is down was created. The infamous T-Rex game has given entertainment to students who don’t want to finish their essays or watch the video that will put them to sleep. In this game, you control a T-rex as he runs through a desert. You can push the spacebar to make him jump over cacti and the down arrow to duck under pterodactyls. Only one person has gotten to the end. This game has kept students and office workers busy procrastinating and will continue to for years to come. 

20. Browser Flash Games (Giovanni Palazzolo)

When it comes to young gaming, we can all say we’ve played on browser games before. Now I don’t mean Poptropica or Club Penguin which can be considered pretty extensive. I mean the type of games you play on your phone nowadays. You know what I mean, the games that were on huge sites like Notdoppler, Vivalagames, Kongregate, and even like Games2girls, we can all say we’ve spent several hours drowned in the endless, cheap – Yet fun – quick games that just seemed to be really entertaining when we were younger. 

21. Slime (Irl Paulalengan)

Who doesn’t know the sticky and stretchy, gummy-like toy? Slime is proof that innovation exists; putty is not stretchy enough, and magic sand does not stick together. What started originally on Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards, green slimes, now has become a trend that most gen Z gone through. Need a stress reliever? Slime. Need a satisfying video? Slime. Need a keyboard cleaner? Slime. Need a classic toy to play with? SLIME! It is such a trend that many people can get a lot of money just making video poking slime all day long!

22. Minecraft (Ulises Perez)

Minecraft became popular when it first launched in 2009, with a game of endless amount of buildings. One year later, the game became the best-selling game with 17 million copies sold; and, that’s only on PC. On all platforms, over 60 million copies were sold. Minecraft is not only known for its building creations, but for becoming a very well-known game on Youtube. Youtubers, including SkyDoesMinecraft, Captain Sparklez, Ssundee, make viral Minecraft videos for kids to enjoy watching and spread the enjoyment of playing the game.

23. Nintendo (Brianna Sanchez)

Whether it was the Nintendo DS, Wii, the Wii U, or the Mario Kart app on our phones, in one way or another, Nintendo has integrated into our lives. As little kids, the Nintendo DS opened our eyes to communication when we used Pictochat and responsibility when we had a virtual Nintendog. The Wii embraced our inner racer as well as our inner dancer with games like Mario Kart and Just Dance. We could find many forms of entertainment through these games and consoles in the comfort of our own home which made Gen Z tech-savvy as well.

24. Cool Math Games (Katiana Williams)

The website that teachers loved and kids loved even more. Cool Math Games was a game website that kids started playing in elementary school and teenagers still play in high school. Between all of the Papa’s games such as Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Wingaria, Papa’s Pizzeria and many more, the website had loads of fun games that kids couldn’t get enough of. When you were done with your work, you would go onto Cool Math Games and teachers actually wouldn’t care because it was “educational”. Teaching kids about budgeting, time management, and a little bit of math. 

25. Nerf Guns (Katiana Williams)

The toy that everyone wanted. Whether you were male or female, every kid wanted one and you always wanted the newest gun to take down your friends in a battle. Nerf guns went from simple one-shot toy guns to a revolver gun, to a fully automatic toy gun but still caused no pain. The bullets went from foam darts to foam discs, to elastic balls. I remember always wanting to get the best attachments for them as well whether it was a laser pointer, a scope, or extra magazines. Nerf created a toy that created hours of fun. 

26. Game2girls (Leilah Weathersby)

Most Gen Z girls have played on Games2Girls, an online game playing website that allows you to play a multitude of fun games for free. Most of the games include dress up games, adventurous games, as well as cooking games that allow you to be creative in your own way.

27. Sony Playstation 4 (Michael Weathersby)

The Sony Playstation 4 was first revealed at E3 2013, replacing Sony’s Previous console: the Playstation 3. Sony had learned from their past and as a result, approached the marketing and overall vision of their new console differently. The hard work and dedication of Sony paid off as Sony’s new console had sold more than 102 million lifetime units with an ecosystem built around high-quality exclusive games such as Spiderman, Uncharted 4 and The God of War. 

28. Fortnite (Michael Weathersby)

Fortnite was first announced in 2011 followed by various game betas. As a third-person battle royale with a brilliant build feature, Fortnite, which was free to play, would soon impact the gaming world. Officially released in 2017, Fortnite boomed in popularity, within its first three years, Fortnite saw more than 250 million players worldwide becoming one of the most iconic games ever.

29. The Super Smash Bros Franchise (Michael Weathersby)

First debuted in 1999 on the Nintendo 64, The Smash Bros franchise has captivated the support and interest among millions of gamers. Featuring iconic game characters from a vast variety of video game franchises, the fighting-based Nintendo game found a release on every one of Nintendo’s home consoles following the N64. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was released last year, has sold more than 12 million units and shows no signs of slowing down.

30. Five Nights at Freddys (Lily Eberly)

This game took up about 2/3 of our middle school years. Everyone had Freddy Fazbear backpacks and those shirts from Hot Topic. Five Nights at Freddy’s really set up a new form of horror for our generation as we rely on cameras rather than walk around a map. It is safe to say that some new friends were made from the liking of this game, and the amount of hype for new theories and sequels was very exciting.

31. Club Penguin (Serenity Monroe)

It was released in 2005 and it seriously defined the decade. Many kids we know have played this and have tried all the minigames, bought all the new outfits, PLAYED THE CRIME STORY, and tried to join the same server as your friends and failed because it was too full. Convincing your parents to buy your membership for a month and then being sad when it went away because you weren’t ‘cash money’. Genuinely a good game. 

32. Animal Jam (Serenity Monroe)

Alike other games online, people would rage over this. The minigames and joining servers that were always full, trying to find all of the easter eggs and jumping on the lake, trying to crack it. You could spend hours getting gems and then wasting them all on the rare items when ironically, it was a ripped piece of cloth. Besides that, it had so much to it that there wasn’t anything to hate about it. Definitely one game we can all appreciate. 


From music on the street to music in movies; the magic of music is all around. Gen Zers created an atmosphere of love for this art since music is reflective of things every Gen Z teen feels; from pop, to rock to rap, music defines this generation.

33. The Break-Up and Break Out of One Direction (Myriam Alcala)

March 2012 was a tragic day of mourning for teenage girls around the world, it was the day Zayn Malik announced his departure from One Direction. After five years of record-breaking albums, world tours, and mass attention, One Direction released its last album “Made in the A.M.” later that year. Soon after, each member released solo music and acquired a sound of their own. Zayn was the first of the members to release his music and took the number one spot on Billboard with the song “Pillow Talk” soon followed by Harry Styles’ infamous “Sign of the Times”. Although the decade began with a tragic breakup, now former 1D fans are able to follow all the boys in their individual music careers.

34. Why Beyonce was important in the 2010s (Miriame Dimulu)

Beyonce and Beyonce’s music was a crucial point in the 2010s. Not only did she make many memorable anthems because of her songs like Formation and Flawless, but she also broke many records–such as being the first black woman to headline Coachella– and set the bar for future performers. Beyonce not only set new standards for what a good performer should be putting her next to the greats such as Prince and Michael, but her fashion choices also elevated her to a new status as her stage outfits are always talked about. 

35. Drake (Austin Appiah)

Drake came on to the rap scene in 2006 and has literally been a trending topic ever since. Drake never fails to win the spotlight and has many great hits that everyone jams out to. Whether he’s in baby mama drama, beefing with another rapper, just being plain old drake; everyone will continue to love Drake and his music.

36. XXXTentacion (Toli Geshow)

XXXTentacion was one of the most unique rappers in this generation. XXXTentacion also known as Jahseeh Anfroy, sparked his career from expressing his opinions through music. However, his career was cut short due to two individuals robbing and murdering him. His impact on this generation of teenagers is evident. His focus on mental health has cemented his legacy and music is still to this day relevant. Whether it’s X cutting his eyebrows or getting a tree tattooed on his forehead, his influence on the community has been detrimental. 

37. JuiceWrld (Toli Geshow)

“I still see your shadows in my room, can’t take back the love that I gave you.” These lines boosted the illustrious career of rapper Juice Wrld also known as Jared Higgins. With the new age of rap and the critics who despise it, he expressed his emotions and struggles with drug abuse through his music. In the last two years, Juice Wrld has had his audience focus on how drug abuse has become relevant in society. His death sparked even more attention to the importance of drug abuse.

38. Mumble Rappers (Anise Gonzalez)

Like every generation music artists come and go and with that different music styles also follow. A music sensation that quickly came about was the art of ”mumble rap” with artists like Lil Pump, 6ix9nine, and Migos. Our generation is probably the only one that can really relate to this type of rap. 

39. K-POP Invades The West (Eric Huynh)

The genre, Korean Pop, has blown up within the western culture. It first got noticed when Psy’s “Gangnam Style” came out in 2012. It was seen as a one-time gimmick, but more Korean artists/groups have been popping up like BTS, BLACKPINK, NCT DREAM, Stray Kids, and much more. They’ve shown international success such as being nominated overseas, selling out albums and reaching millions of views with their music videos. 

40. Tik Tok by Kesha

On August 7, 2009, one of the most iconic songs of Generation Z’s childhood was released. Over the last 10 years, the music video for “Tik Tok” by Kesha has gained almost 500 million views on YouTube. “Tik Tok” depicted Kesha waking up in a bathtub after a night of partying and then riding a gold bike around town. The song inspired countless parodies by YouTubers such as The Key of Awesome and thecomputernerd01 which also gained tens of millions of views.

41. Brendon Urie (Lily Eberly)

Before he wrote “High Hopes”, Brendon Urie — and his band Panic! At The Disco — made some banger songs on his albums A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and Pretty Odd. Since then, Urie has been a huge success and is able to show off his talent in other forms. After releasing the band’s song “Girls/Girls/Boys”, it was clear to Urie’s fanbase — as he calls Sinners — that he was very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. In July of 2018, Urie came out as pansexual. He has become a big inspiration to people across the globe.

42. My Chemical Romance (Lily Eberly)

Many see this band as revolutionary. Of course, there were other bands like them, but their sound broke through everything else and starred as one of the most known bands, possibly ever. “Welcome to the Black Parade” still triggers emos to this day, and due to their comeback concert, fans are losing their minds. Even people who aren’t My Chemical Romance fans know particular songs from somewhere. They inspired a fashion choice, music taste, and good messages throughout some of their songs. The band illustrated that not all hardcore/emo bands are bad influences, that there is the true meaning behind their words.

43. Nipsey Hussle (Toli Geshow)

Nipsey Hussle also is known as Ermias Asghedom has one of the most fabled stories in rap history. Coming from Crenshaw, California, the home of the notorious Crip gang, he expressed that the division between gangs and police needed to end and he did so through his music. Songs such as “Racks in the Middle” and “Checc Me Out” showcases his journey and passions. Knowing that he is representing our culture is heart-warming. Sadly, the more notable fact about Hussle is his death coming at the hands of an accomplice of his, however, is mission of letting the marathon continue has resonated with his fans with his shop is Crenshaw and his debut album Victory Lap still garnering attention. 

44. The 21 Club (Karisa Shumock)

The 27 Club is a long list of popular musicians, artists, and actors who died at the age of 27. These artists were dying from things such as addiction, suicides, and freak accidents. More recently, popular artists have been dying at the age of 21. Rappers “XXXTentacion” and “Juice Wrld” both died in 2018-2019, showing a new trend of popular influencers dying by the age of 21. The trend was even acknowledged by Juice Wrld himself. In his song “Legends”, he stated, “What’s a 27 club? We ain’t making it past 21.” 


Being the most diverse generation has lead to a shift in the roll teens play in politics; being labeled “Generation Lockdown” has highlighted the importance that political issues have on this generation. Unlike generations past, the youth have been the youngest and most prominent generation influencing grassroots and politics all around the world.

45. March for Our Lives and Student Activism (Myriam Alcala)

This decade was cascaded with the loss of many lives in mass shootings; however, it has also been the rise of student activism. After 17 were left dead in Parkland, students began to speak up against the gun violence. “Enough” and “Never Again” flooded the internet as David Hogg and other survivors began the movement now known as March For Our Lives. This was the first national student lead movement that not only changed legislation in Florida but all around the nation. As 2020 approaches, MFOL continues its efforts to pass legislation and protect the youth. 

46. Generation Lockdown (Joslyn Bowman)

As much as it isn’t something that we want to be defined by, we’re Generation Lockdown. Ever since the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012, there have been 2,322 mass shootings in America to this day. Before our time, the biggest worries were fireswe didn’t have to be prepared if someone enters the school with a weapon. Ever since the age of four, we’ve had to practice duck and cover positions, we’ve been told to be quiet when we need to, and we’ve had to deal with being scared to go to school. We are generation lockdown. 

47. Mental Illness (Serenity Monroe)

While Gen Z has been more proactive and mature, we’ve also struggled mentally. Our young people are more likely to report mental issues than any other generation. While there are many causes for it and dangers for us, we have strived to recover. 91% of the Gen Z community reported a physical or emotional symptom due to stress and mental illness in the past year. While we struggle with the hundreds of illnesses, we push through to give us hope that we can get better. It will get better. 

48. Advocating (Stephanie Pickens)

This new era has sparked a spirit for speaking up about things that need to be addressed and talked about. From gun safety and freedom of expression to civil rights and justice, younger generations have done their part to inform those who do not know, those who are wanting to learn, or those who simply will refuse to listen. Social media platforms have made it easy to start the conversation immediately. Major movements like the Women’s March or climate change formed, as well as Black Lives Matter to protest against police brutality. Other minority groups have also spoken up to refute Trump’s constant antagonization and assumptions of them.

49. Black Lives Matter (Salmata Soulemane)

The Black Lives Matter movement is significant to our generation because it started at our generation, innocent black lives of our generation were being targeted and being taken away. The movement was made to show those of higher power and privilege that we are equal to them, and black lives matter just as much as theirs do. The movement has struck social change and hunger for justice in the system and justice for people of color.

50. You Matter by Demetrius Harmon (Salmata Soulemane)

The You Matter movement is significant because of when it started, our generation, or decade. It started abruptly from the famous Viner Demetrius Harmon. The fact that he was a popular figure who struggled with mental health, boosted his movement of clothing “You Matter” and his voice for the voiceless. This movement has made such an impact on those who put up a guard and struggle deep on the inside, and Harmon was able to give young people an outlet and something that represented them. In our generation, we face many mental health issues, whether acknowledged or not and this recently became an important part of people’s lives.

51. Mass shootings (Karisa Shumock)

Mass shootings have become normalized in our country and Gen Z is the main generation trying to do something about it. Although most of us are not old enough to vote yet, there many are young, influential people within our generation dedicating themselves to make a change and create an ending to gun violence. 

52. LGBT+ rights (Karisa Shumock)

Gen Z is one of the most accepting generations. Within our generation, we’ve experienced one of the greatest turning point in gay rights and equality–gay marriage. LGBT+ rights have been increasing a ton throughout our lifetime, and we are getting to see more people accept and love others for who they are.

53. Trayvon Martin (Jeffrey Afriyie)

On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old who was fatally shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watch person, because he looked “suspicious”. Trayvon was at home with his father’s fiancee’s son, when he decided to go to a nearby  7-11 to get skittles and an Arizona drink. This incident predates “Black Lives Matter” but certainly sets the tone to advocate for the safety of African-Americans. Zimmerman was not charged which caused chaos in the United States because he was not a police officer and didn’t have the right to shoot Martin.


Generation Z has seen the revolutionization of sports in all fields; from game graphics to virtual reality and the people playing them. Progressive ideas have changed the way sports are seen, played, and enjoyed.

54. NBA 2K (Austin Appiah)

NBA 2k has grown so much over the years. Each year, the game adds different features to the game to continue to satisfy our needs and wants when playing the game. 2k is a huge part of many people’s lives. Some people have dedicated their whole life to the game, some have even made a living from the game. 2k is a fun and addicting game to play. It’s most recent copy “ NBA 2k20” is one of the highest sold games in the US.

55. Lebron James (Austin Appiah)

Lebron James has been a huge influence in the lives of many and continues to impact the world of basketball in such a positive way. He influenced so many young individuals in our time to strive for greatness. In his 17th season, he is continuing to show why he is the best basketball player on the planet.

56. Golden State Warriors (Jeffrey Afriyie)

The Warriors is so far the best organization ever after the Chicago Bulls. This is a team that won 3 out of 5 NBA championships in the past 5 years. This a team that holds the best record in the NBA with 73-9 record which used to be held by the 1995-96 Bulls with a record of 72-10.

57. Tom Brady (Jeffrey Afriyie)

Tom Brady is the best player to have played the game of football. He has won four NFL MVP awards, six Super Bowls out of nine, and is a 14x Pro Bowler. He is also second in most career passing yards. All of this despite being the 199th overall pick of Round 6 of the 2000 NFL Draft.

58. Let’s Game Competitively (Eric Huynh)

A new sport has slowly been growing over the years (and won’t be slowing down): e-sports. Involving a lot of hand-eye coordination, game sense, and the desire to stand out, many games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, have turned from fun and casual to serious and competitive gameplay. E-sports organizations like Cloud9 or Team Liquid sign talented players and provide them the best environment possible to prepare for tournaments. Fans are able to fill huge stadiums worldwide and/or tune in from home and watch the best players battle it out for the win.

59. Steph Curry (Cade Palmer)

Stephen Curry absolutely changed the game in the NBA. during this decade he won 2 MVPs and 3 championships. He did all of this while being a small NBA guard shooting more threes than anyone had even gotten close to. Since the greatness of Steph Curry has risen, the entire NBA has followed suit. Every team in the league is taking more threes than they did 10 years ago, and part of Steph’s basketball greatness falls into that.


This era has marked the end of award-winning movies and series as well as the start of something new. Movies and shows alike have become more reflective of the society it is portraying as well as more entertaining and relatable.

60. Marvel (Melanie Aguirre)

Marvel’s first phase of movies began in 2008 with Iron man starting the ever-growing fanbase for a collection of movies that will now go down in history as some of the best superhero movies ever. Following Iron man would be, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, among others and ultimately also start the Avengers movies. With the end of phase three Marvel fans were forced to say goodbye to Tony Stark, the start of it all. Of course, Marvel is not done making movies, they have already planned a phase 4 of films to come, so no, it is not the end of Marvel. However, the end of Iron Man was definitely the end of an era, and all we as a generation can think now is “We love you 3000, Tony!” 

61. Disney + (Ulises Perez, Ruth Mesfin)

Since the beginning of Disney+ in November, the platform has been a wide-spread video-streaming platform and has a whopping 10+ million users. Known for its throwback Disney movies and shows, Disney+ takes third place as the top 6 video stream services, with Netflix taking second place. Disney+ created an opportunity for teenagers and young adults to reminisce about their childhood by rewatching series and movies that were popular in the early 2000s. Many former cherished programs that are returning through Disney+ are High School Musical, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Jessie, etc.

62. Disney Princesses (Melanie Aguirre)

The first Disney princess, Snow White, was introduced by Disney in the 1930s; however, the most recent princesses have had a much more significant impact on our generation. Disney princesses once shared a common theme built around the idea of “true love” and “happily ever after.” Times have changed, people are finally understanding that women can be independent and strong. Frozen was the first Disney movie to include Elsa, a princess that did not have a significant other, representing independence and power for young girls everywhere. A rise of inclusion has also caused Disney to include a variety of ethnicities in their collection of Disney princesses, including Moana of Motunui, Elena of Avalor, and Tiana from “Princess and the Frog” expanding the representation of diversity among Disney princesses.

63. Phineas and Ferb (Valeria Acosta)

Watching Phineas and Ferb made our own summers seem boring; from creating a new machine to a rollercoaster and a cheese-themed amusement park, it was many people’s childhood and favorite animated series. With 133 episodes that were aired during summer and school time, it filled up a lot of  Gen Z’s time growing up. It also had a catchy theme song many would have memorized without noticing, from how much they watched. 

64. High School Musical (Joslyn Bowman)

Let’s be honest, High School Musical set unrealistic expectations for Generation Z. The first day of high school has no songs, dances, or numbers in the middle of the daybut High School Musical does. Even though the first movie of the series was released in 2006, the main characters Troy and Gabriela still hold special places in our hearts. From Sharpay’s diva moments to the scene where Troy and Gabriella danced upon a roof in the rain. The series has us still singing, “High School Musical, who says we have to let it go?”

65. Suite life of Zack and Cody (Katiana Williams)

Living in a five-star hotel definitely is not an ideal lifestyle but Zack Martin (Dylan Sprouse) and Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse) definitely made the best of it. With the crazy adventures and life like no other, every kid wanted to be like them. Between meeting celebrities, having access to a rooftop pool, access to a five-star kitchen, and more; the twins turned the hotel into their playground. There were endless pranks and endless fun. The show became so popular that they created another; The Suite Life on Deck.

66. Star Wars (Dylan Tressider)

Star Wars was one of the most influential shows/movies on the lives of early to mid-2000’s babies. Shows we watched like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels deeply influenced us. And, now with the newest movies such as Rogue One, the Solo Movie, and the impending release of The Rise of Skywalker on December 20th, it reminds us of laying on the couch after playing outside, watching some good-ol’ Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It taught us some of the politics of war, (though it was a kid’s show) and introduced kids to the franchise.

67. Disney Channel Original Movies (Brianna Sanchez)

Many of us can remember the cinematic music that played right before the premiere of our favorite Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM). That’s because Gen Z has had its fair share of DCOM through our childhood. Though each movie had its own unique message, what made it special was how it provided Gen Z with characters that made us value family, friendship, and the power within ourselves to be different and create change. The HSM franchise reminded us that, “We’re all in this together” and “Twitches” featured the power between family. 

68. Stranger Things (Stephanie Pickens)

Stranger Things is a Netflix original that takes place in the 80s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. It centers around supernatural forces as a group of boys and a psychokinetic and telepathic girl take on the dangers entering the real world from the Upside-Down – a parallel reality that contains the evils of the supernatural. This show rapidly gained popularity and is now in the production of its fourth season.

69. RedBox (Giovanni Palazzolo)

Redbox is something we’ve all used before. Whether or not it was for the games or their wide range of movies, there was something special about paying a simple dollar for a nice movie night at home with your family or friends. It is responsible for so many of our memories and great times with the people we care about, when going out to the theater was just too much, Redbox was always there to come in clutch.

70. The Office (Cade Palmer)

The OfficeThe Office is one of the most iconic TV shows of the decade. Even though it started in 2005, and was over with by 2013, the Office is still #1 on Netflix. The comedy of Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Pam is one of the funniest shows ever. The puns and quotes are endless.

71. Dark souls (Dylan Tressider)

Dark Souls, while mostly catering to the more nerdy crowd, was easily one of the hardest console and PC games to come out in the 2010s. With players spending dozens of hours to grind and beat the game and then doing it all over again, it definitely affected our later childhoods. Though certainly not a game for everyone, it was one of the most influential games of all to those who played it and it worked as a great lesson in perseverance. 

72. Baby Yoda Cute He Is (Eric Huynh)

One of the well-known shows that came out with the new streaming network, Disney Plus, was the Mandalorian. The show takes place in the Star Wars Universe; one of the most loved characters that took the Internet by storm was Baby Yoda. A smaller and cuter version of the legendary Jedi master, he has become walking merchandise and a new source for adorable memes. Some may say that Baby Yoda will soon overtake other cute yet popular memes such as Kermit the Frog or Pikachu.

73. Suite Life On Deck (Ruth Kussa)

The Suite Life on Deck is an American Teen sitcom that many love watching. It’s a very meaningful, fun show that many people wish did not end. Zack and Cody (the two twins main characters) make new friends and get into so much trouble after they move from their house to a cruise ship. This show is something that many people love watching because it’s so relatable and funny. The Suite Life on Deck was aired on the Disney Channel from September 26, 2008, to May 6, 2011.

74. That’s So Raven (Ruth Kussa)

That’s So Raven was a hilarious supernatural sitcom that aired on the Disney Channel from January 17, 2003, to November 10, 2007. Raven Baxter (the main character) can see glimpses of the future which many people wished to have. The T.V is so relatable and just makes you wish to be her (sometimes).

75. Shake it up (Ruth Kussa)

Shake It Up is a comedy sitcom that aired November 7, 2010, to November 10, 2013. The show talks about how CeCe and Rocky (The two main characters) want their dream of dancing to take them to stardom. They soon realized they reached their goals and win places as backup dancers on the local Tv show “shake it up Chicago”

76. Courage the cowardly Dog (Madison Moon)

 What was most likely one of the creepiest shows of our childhood starred a pink dog named Courage and his owner Muriel. The show kept us entertained but undoubtedly left us with nightmares, like when King Ramsey haunted Courage’s family to recover his cursed Egyptian slab. Today, Generation Z reminisces about the spooky show given to us by Cartoon Network by binging it on Boondocks or by watching the many WatchMojo videos counting down it’s top ten scariest moments.

77. Total Drama Island (Madison Moon)

“Total Drama Island” was Generation Z’s first taste of reality television. The animated show followed teenage characters attempting to try and survive on an island camp while competing against one another. A big part of the show was rooting for Gwen and Trent’s romantic success, and disliking the stereotypical mean girl, Heather. The show parodied dramatic tv shows like “Survivor” and “Jersey Shore”. Today, the show is mainly remembered through memes but remains iconic to Generation Z. 

78. Fish hooks (Leilah Weathersby)

Fish Hooks is a show that any Gen Zer can recall. Officially airing September 3, 2010, its vibrant colors and contagious characters are part of what made the show so memorable. The plot revolves around two brothers Milo, an adventurous Siamese fighting fish, and Oscar, a socially awkward and their friend Bea Goldfishberg, a dramatic goldfish.

79. Lab rats (Leilah Weathersby)

If you were to ask any Gen Zer what Disney shows stood out the most in their childhood, Lab Rats would most likely be their top choice. The show revolves around the character Leo, an ordinary high schooler who moves to his high tech house with his inventor mom and his stepdad. His once ordinary life becomes less ordinary as he stumbles upon a secret underground lab and three superhuman teens.


The generation began with flip phones and blackberries, today, we have face-recognizing iPhones and technology at every turn. Brilliant minds have discovered and uncovered the uses of technology and everyday life to make life itself unrecognizable when compared to life ten years ago.

80. Apple (Ulises Perez)

For its good quality and well-designed technology, Apple is a worldwide company in which most of our generation is known to have. They have recently come out with the new iPhone 11 and many of us were able to get our hands on them. Apple first became successful when their computer, Macintosh, launched and helped the company leap forward into success. Now, Apple takes second place in the top 10 brands/companies in the world, with a value of $309.5.

81. VR (Giovanni Palazzolo)

While just being a recent, (and expensive) thing, VR has given a new shining light to our generation. With cheap alternatives like Google Cardboard, Daydream, and  Samsung Gear, anyone can be introduced to the lovely VR experience. Even bigger companies like Oculus, Valve, and even PlayStation coming out with their higher-end VR headsets, the amazing, immersive technology has allowed loads of new experiences and entertainment, as you can enjoy a movie in a theater, while in the comfort of your home. VR has given Generation Z a brand new way to consume media and games. 

82. AirPods (Samrawit Kopessa)

AirPods are Wireless Bluetooth earbuds that were created by Apple. It was released on December 13, 2016, but a lot of people started to invest in it in 2018. It includes a built-in microphone that filters out background noises. The AirPod Pros came out on October 30, 2019, with new features and improvements like an improved microphone cut downwind during phone calls, turning on ANC from Control Center, a Lightning-to-USB-C cable is included, etc.

83. Vinyl (Mercedes Capozzolo)

Vinyl became abulte when the CDs came out, then CDs went with the vinyl when iPods and digital music came out. But to everyone’s surprise, vinyl started becoming popular once again in the 2010s. From original vinyl to newly produced vinyl of new artists, they quickly became admired by all. 

84. Juul (Jayah Caley)

Juuling has become an epidemic among teens and young adults. JUUL is an e-cigarette company that profits off its appeal to young people. Through the conversion of liquid nicotine into flavored favor, kids everywhere are becoming addicted. Despite the negative health effects of vaping has, the industry is continuing to grow. 

85. Tesla (Brian Vasquez)

Now knowing how gas and natural resources are going to vanish in the very near future Elon Musk has changed the forms of transportation introducing an electric charging car as well as a truck. Being a safer route with no engine being in the car making car accidents not as fatal as usual.

86. Uber (Caroline Smith)

Uber is something has started to be used in our generation. It is a ride-hailing service that includes food delivery and ridesharing. Many people use it to get around town, whether it’s far away or not. It just in 2013 and has been used more in the past few years. Technically, users can’t be less than 18 years old, but this service doesn’t check the ages in any way. A credit card is needed to use and pay for the cost. Teenagers still get around these difficulties to catch a ride somewhere. 

87. Space-X (Oscar Perez)

Space-X is definitely up there with the top competing companies that are conquering space day by day. The privately-owned company is acknowledged by NASA and they show their full support. Space-X has transferred supplies to the international space station and not only that, have completed a propulsive vertical landing on their reusable launch system. Over the next few years will we see them accomplish the impossible.

88. How Androids shaped the 2010s (Miriame Dimulu)

Although they may be hated on quite a bit, Androids have truly shaped the 2010’s. With Samsung currently being the #1 Global mobile phone, Androids are a lot more affordable and unlike Apple, Samsung doesn’t release its products every other two weeks thus giving consumers time to actually enjoy the product. Android also doesn’t slow down older models in order to get consumers to buy recently released products. 


Although scrunchies and other 90s trends have made it back to the fashion scene, the 2010s was fruit to new trends, cross-culture foods, and growing unity within our generation of trendsetters.

89. Cancel Culture (Joslyn Bowman)

Ever since the sister scandal at the beginning of the year, cancel culture has been much more prominent within our generation. Being canceled is a form of a boycott in which the person being canceled is removed from social circles. Cancel culture is the way that our generation deals with the wrongs that famous people do, especially social media influencers. Canceling people is our way of cutting toxic people from our lives, especially people who don’t particularly deserve fame. Cancel culture definitely won’t be canceled any time soon

90. 2016 Clown Breakout (Alexis Drummond)

On October 3, 2016, roughly 500 people were combing the streets looking for cosplayers dressed up as clowns in what is now called the “Penn State Clown Riot.” At first, it didn’t seem like a very big issue, but after a few months of these “evil clown sightings,” it put many people into a panic and many people died, including a 16-year-old boy who was wearing a clown mask. Since this breakout, there have been fewer sightings of “evil” clowns — unless you are counting Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Many people came up with the theory that it was Pennywise coming back after 27 years of being dormant.

91. Monster High (Anise Gonzalez)

Calling all girls and ghouls to Monster High, the school where it’s cool to be dead, drop-dead gorgeous. Ever since 2010 Frankie and her ghoulfriends have left a huge imprint on the kids of Gen Z. Their unique personas and fashion style taught boys and girls it’s okay to be unique, it’s okay to be you and it’s definitely better than being like everyone else.

92. Street Fashion (Anise Gonzalez)

 Teenagers go through trends like crazy every year we’re out with the old and in with the new, mostly being clothing brands or styles. A style that has taken to us pretty quickly was street fashion. Dressing in baggy clothes, a crap ton of layers and only the best accessories.  Street fashion gives us the excuse to dress how ever we want and basically call it fashion.

93. Designer Brands (Stephanie Pickens)

In songs and commercials to fashion and celebrities, designer brands have transformed the culture of the materialistic world. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, and Chanel are a list of many that are constantly seen on today’s artists and have become a very prominent measure of success and riches as well as something to flex with in art. Many rappers and hip hop artists refer to a designer in different ways in their songs to reflect the success they have achieved. 

94. Screenshots Culture #NoPicHoax (Irl Paulalengan)

In today’s world, technology makes it easier for fake news and fake information to go around. Especially for Gen Z that is always curious about the latest and most controversial tea, exaggeration and false information seem unavoidable. However, our generation is pretty resilient — maybe because we always wanted to be heard and taken seriously — and that’s when screenshots become super popular to back up an argument or chats. Just take a look at James Charles and Tati’s Feud; almost all videos that talk about the video, even the video from James himself consist of receipts and screenshots. 

95. Popeyes (Ruth Mesfin)

Popeyes recently introduced their chicken sandwich which instantly became a craze for teenagers everywhere. Competing with Chick-Fil-A, it became a popular trend for teenagers to compare the two sandwiches. The first time they released, within hours the sandwiches were gone, and were off the menu within two weeks, before finally returning. It’s safe to say that Popeyes has the approval and support of generation z.

96. Chick-fil-a (Cade Palmer)

Chick-fil-a is for sure one of the best restaurants of the decade. Even though they’re closed on Sundays, they’re still one of the most popular and successful restaurants in America. And, even though Popeyes tried to take their thunder with the chicken sandwich, they held strong and still have the best chicken sandwich out there.

97. Canes (Oscar Perez)

Canes is arguably one of if not the best fast food restaurant on the west side of the United States. Slowly but surely, it is making its debut in various cities and they aren’t slowing down. The perfect food bundle consists of french fries, chicken, bread, and a mysterious best tasting sauce that’s ever been created.

98. Thrift Stores (Mercedes Capozzolo)

With the unique clothing and cheap prices, gen z has flocked to the thrift stores to buy their new outfits. Thrift stores hold everything from new, used, brand name and even designer for cheap prices. It’s easy to go into a thrift store and find exactly what you’re looking for and leave without spending over $50. Therefore they are common today’s generation.

99. Vintage Style (Mercedes Capozzolo)

The vintage style coming right out of the 70s, 80s, and 90s have come back full force in today’s generation, from curly and permed hairstyles tot he high waisted and mom style jeans. Even fanny packs have become popular again! This style is either loved or hated in today’s generation but is absolutely adored by the former generations who watch as today’s kids rock the same styles that they used to. 

100. The comeback of friendship bracelets  (Miriame Dimulu)

Friendship bracelets are making a comeback because, in recent years, there has been a need for items that bring nostalgia and friendship bracelets are one of those. The same generation of kids that abandoned these cute sentimental items are the same generation looking for people to make cute ones that they now wear with their best friends on a day to day basis.





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    i agree with everything yes

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    Yo, reading this really made me cry ;.( R.I.P. Gen Z. Now Gen Alpha will never know any of this… I loved Adventure time.

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    It was fun to see everything that really defines our generation and to look back at some old trends that I forgot happened. The only thing that I’d add to this would probably be the Nintendo DS.

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    Hera PokharelJan 15, 2020 at 8:07 AM

    I love how this list truly reflects the Gen Z generation. Although I would add Just Dance to the list because that was a huge part of many of kid’s childhood. The order of the list also could be revised to be more accurate.

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    KatelynJan 15, 2020 at 7:38 AM

    Something I would add to the list is Hannah Montana because it was a classic Disney show.