Gen Z 100: Sports

January 13, 2020



  • NBA 2K (Austin Appiah)


NBA 2k has grown so much over the years. Each year the game adds different features to the game to continue to satisfy our needs and wants when playing the game. 2k is a huge part of many people’s lives. Some people have dedicated their whole life to the game, some have even made a living from the game. 2k is a fun and addicting game to play. It’s most recent copy “ NBA 2k20” is one of the highest sold games in the US.


  • Lebron James (Austin Appiah)


Lebron James has been a huge influence in the lives of many and continues to impact the world of basketball in such a positive way. He influenced so many young individuals in our time to strive for greatness. In his 17th season, he is continuing to show why he is the best basketball player on the planet.


  • Golden State Warriors (Jeffrey Afriyie)


The Warriors is so far the best organization ever after the Chicago Bulls. This is a team that won 3 out of 5 NBA championships in the past 5 years. This a team that holds the best record in the NBA with 73-9 record which used to be held by the 1995-96 Bulls with a record of 72-10.


  • Tom Brady (Jeffrey Afriyie)


Tom Brady is the best player to have played the game of football. He has won four NFL MVP awards, six Super Bowls out of nine, and is a 14x Pro Bowler. He is also second in most career passing yards. All of this despite being the 199th overall pick of Round 6 of the 2000 NFL Draft.


  • Let’s Game Competitively (Eric Huynh)


A new sport has slowly been growing over the years (and won’t be slowing down): e-sports. Involving a lot of hand-eye coordination, game sense, and the desire to stand out, many games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, have turned from fun and casual to serious and competitive gameplay. E-sports organizations like Cloud9 or Team Liquid sign talented players and provide them the best environment possible to prepare for tournaments. Fans are able to fill huge stadiums worldwide and/or tune in from home and watch the best players battle it out for the win.


  • Steph Curry (Cade Palmer)


Stephen Curry absolutely changed the game in the NBA. during this decade he won 2 MVPs and 3 championships. He did all of this while being a small NBA guard shooting more threes than anyone had even gotten close to. Since the greatness of Steph Curry has risen, the entire NBA has followed suit. Every team in the league is taking more threes than they did 10 years ago, and part of Steph’s basketball greatness falls into that.

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