Feelings About the Holmes Trial


Photo credit: denver.cbslocal.com

By: Michaela Mack – Reporter

With the Theater trial under way the people of Aurora are experiencing their emotions and beliefs about the man charged with the murders and the assaults, James Holmes. Holmes was a student of CU Denver at Anschutz Medical Campus for neurology. Some have views that he has a right to a trial like everyone else and others are sure without a shadow of a doubt that this man is guilty, and clearly sane at the time of the shooting.
“Being in an outside view his attorney is doing his job, it is what he gets paid for,” says Dean Anderson. “It would be hard to be on that jury because I knew one of the students from my time over at Gateway. His actions though were very planned out and based on his education he is a very bright person. I’m not going to presume he is guilty because all people are innocent until proven guilty. I know with the American justice system the defendant will have a fair trial and justice will be served.”
Some students, however, have a different view.
“He is not crazy, his actions were crazy, and he knows right from wrong,” said senior Lena Darnall. “He is basically a low-functioning sociopath, not a psychopath.”

Some students feel more strongly about Holmes, what he did, and how he acts.
“I do not believe in the death penalty but he honestly deserves it,” says Elizabeth Carey. “He is playing into his not guilty by reason of insanity because he knows that if that is his verdict he will be sent to an asylum and eventually be cleared sane and set out on the streets again. There has not even been cross-examination so far which points to the fact that people believe that he did the actions but they do not know if he is actually insane, even though two psychiatrists have testified that he was not insane at the time of the shooting.”
It is safe to say that everyone has an opinion about Holmes, his actions, and about his trial. The truth will come out at his trial, he will either be found insane or completely sane; if he is found sane he could face the death penalty.