Teachers Fail Final Test: Lose to Seniors by Three


By: Sebastian Wiegand Sports Reporter

Last night Raider fans flocked to the gym for the biggest basketball game of the year, the annual charity game, Senioritis vs. Arthritis. The game featured two power houses, Team Senioritis and Team Arthritis.  Team Senioritis led by undefeated coach Javon Harris (2-0) and superstar Jalen Davis.  On the other end Team Arthritis was led by Coach Valdez, Making his coaching debut and Mr. Sobolewski.

The game started off in favor of the seniors who led by 21 at the half.  However the teachers got it together and cut the lead down to two with less than a minute to go. After a successful defensive stand Sobolewski got the ball, ran down the court, and nailed a floater to send the game into overtime.

The game remained tight until less than three seconds left when Tim Wyatt hit a clutch three pointer to put Senioritis up 84-87.  Arthritis threw up a desperation full court shot that missed and gave Team senioritis and Coach Harris their second consecutive win.

“They played with composure down the stretch even though the teachers hit a couple lucky shots.”  Said Coach Harris as he beamed with pride.

The crowd was wooed by Mr. Carabello’s athletic prowess as he hit two clutch free throws to tie the game before Wyatt ran down and hit the go ahead three.

“I feel like it took us a while to get going, but we finished very strong.” Said Carabello.

Last night’s win for the seniors tied the all-time series at 2-2.