Baseball Team Takes on Top Seeded Creek


Cesar Estrada hits at Coors Field (Michael Smith)

By: Cesar Estrada Sports Reporter

Get ready baseball fans because your varsity baseball team will be playing their first playoff game this Saturday May 9th

Finishing the season with an 8-11 record the boys have worked very hard this season to accomplish a goal they had set in February when the season was first getting rolling. That goal was to make the state playoffs and now in May they can finally say they reached their goal.

Let’s take it back a bit to see the path the raiders had to take in order to achieve their goal. They first beat the Wolves of Westminster, which can be called the best game they played all year, which gave them a pretty good playoff picture.

After that they had to take on a tough Prairie View team where they would take a loss. The raiders knew the only way to guarantee themselves a playoff spot was to beat their rival school, Gateway, which they would beat last Saturday to earn their spot.

It looks as if the Raiders will be competing against the first place Cherry creek.

“I want this game,” Said Senior First Basemen Blake Haag. “I’m glad we get to play the first place team because it will be something new and if we beat them we can go around saying we knocked off the first place team being in last place.”

There is no doubt the raiders have a tough team to play with the talented Creek, but In baseball it is not over till’ it’s over.

“Anything can happen,” said Shortstop Edgar Castaneda. “We have to go in to the game believing we can at least compete and hand with these guys because if we go in thinking we already lost then we will have no shot at winning.”