Softball Swinging for Success


By Gabriella Wiegand, Reporter

On Wednesday, the 26th of August at 4:00pm, the Girls Softball team started off the season with a bang against Overland at Overland High School, with blowout win resulting in a final score of 27-4, in favor of Rangeview.

The first play of the game made a big crack, when Kylie Taylor hit one in the outfield, landing her on second base.

The girls momentum did not slow down at all, and by the end of the first inning, Raiders had the lead 4-3.

In the second inning, Natalie Provancal smoked a triple to deep left, sending Angela Cordova, Kylie Taylor, and Kaylee Adams home.By the third inning, Raiders were up by 14.

Rangeview kept Overland’s outfielder busy during the 4th inning, extending their lead against Overland twenty- three runs.

Overland scored one more in the top of the fourth, making the score 27-4.

The lady Raiders walked off the field with a glorious victory to start off their 2015- 2016 Softball Season.

JV Softball coach, Coach Hamilton is very excited for this softball season. He says he has “an awesome group of girls that are willing to learn and very teachable.”

Hamilton’s expectations for the girls are that they “compete everyday, work hard, hustle, and have passion.”

With five varsity players returning, four of which are seniors, the team’s hopes are high.

Angela Cordova, Senior Varsity player, says that this year she wants to beat all records and leave a legacy at Rangeview. Also with a new coach she hopes the team rise above last season, but most of all she wants to “ball out” and have fun.

By the end of this softball season, Cordova wants, “to never leave the field saying what if.”

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