Fight Song Makes a Return


Juniors in their Fight Song Shirts at the Welcome Assembly

By Gabriella Wiegand, Columnist

“Go Mighty Raiders, Put them to the test. With our colors flying Red and Black will be the BEST!”

We all know the famous Rangeview Fight song, but what does it really mean?

Mr. Laguana, music teacher at Rangeview, says “I really enjoy it! It is a great way to unify the school through song.”

It is no surprise that Mr. Laguana loves the song, due to fact that he made the fight song popular.

First Day Assemblt
Seniors and Link Leaders show their spirit.

According to Laguana, Mr.Gregory, the band and orchestra teacher, had the sheet music for the tune, but Mr.Laguana actually wrote the words for the popular song.

Student Makayla Clair, Junior at Rangeview says “Well I like the song but if I had to change something, it would be the part where it says “with our colors flying red and black” because it doesn’t make much sense.”

In my opinion, the fight song really brings us together as a family. We may have our differences, but when the words “With our colors flying, Red and Black will be the best,” leave our lips, every student becomes united and as one.