Bodies Block RHS Hallways


Traffic Jam between the math and business department.

Vanessa Guereca, News Editor

Red, green, and yellow should not just be used for traffic in the streets, but for the traffic in the hallways.

“The traffic jams in the hallways are so annoying,“ said junior Dylan Gampu. “I always have to be in a rush.”

Being in a school with about 2,220 students, hallways are consistently packed.

“Most traffic jams I’ve encountered have been in the intersection of the Math and Business hallways,” said senior Andrew Richard.

According to most students, almost all the traffic jams occur in the intersections of the department, such as between the math and business department. Students are going upstairs, walking on both sides of the hallways and crossing over to get to their department and class making traffic run slower.

“I especially hate when people see friends and stop to chat or hug each other in the middle of the hallway,” said Gampu. “That’s probably the biggest factor that impacts the traffic.”  

Another factor that causes hallway traffic is the fact that some teachers arrive late to class leaving the class outside to wait. When this happens the students in the class wait outside in a group and block hallways, but it’s not just a group of 15 students, it can range from 20 to 30 students depending on what the class is.

Gampu said, “We should just add traffic lights in the hallways, maybe that’ll calm down traffic.”

Rangeview will have to wait and see how the traffic goes through

Traffic Jam between the math and business department.
Traffic Jam between the math and business department.- Vanessa Guereca

out the rest of the 2015-2016 school year.