Cracking Down on Parking Passes

Cracking Down on Parking Passes

By Lorena Valles, Reporter


Starting September 2, 2015, the RHS staff will start enforcing the no parking without a parking pass policy.

Junior Dazhonna Walton said she has not purchased a pass, “because you can park for free on telluride.”

The issue of students not purchasing passes has continued to grow as the school year progresses.

Dean Terry Anderson said, “students are allowed to park on Telluride because it is not school property but it is much safer and convenient to park in the RHS parking lot.”

Students have expressed that it is too expansive to pay.

IMG_7019“Well it’ll cost more to get your car out of the pound,” said Dean Anderson. “But parking in our parking lot is a privilege.If students stopped going to Starbucks for a week they can pay for their parking pass”.

Senior Melany Chavez, said the reason she hasn’t purchased a parking pass is, “because they don’t even check.”

Dean Anderson assures students that there will be a consequence for anyone who does not purchase one by September 2nd. This year Rangeview security will be giving out an orange warning sign saying, “warning you are illegally parked. Do not park here again.“

When warnings are given license plate numbers will be written down to keep track of the warnings. If a student’s car is seen without a parking pass after they have already given them a warning, the car will be towed.Parking Passes

Students can purchase a parking pass from the book keeper but receive the actual pass from Dean Anderson. It is $5 a quarter or $20 the whole year. Before students actually receive the pass one must fill out paperwork regarding basic information about you car.