The Locker’s Ready for Business


Jackie Moreno, News Reporter


Student's and staff in the Locker (Jackie Moreno)
Student’s and staff in the Locker (Jackie Moreno)

Last year, Rangeview introduced a new addition to the school; the first school store called, “The Locker.” It was first started by Business teacher Ms. Miller and ran by students in the business department. The school store proved to be a favorite among students, as students would come and buy a variety of products like chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate and have a place to sit and relax with student staff.

There were rumors that The Locker was going to be under the supervision of leadership. Ms. Miller had been the one to confirm this, saying that Mrs. Strouse and Leadership had taken over the school store because of the amount of people they have.

“Mr. Fay didn’t think that the school store was being run well under business, and asked Student Leadership teacher Mrs. Strouse to re-do the store completely, starting with new flooring”, said School Store Head and Senior Adina Pineda.

Since Leadership is held during 3rd period, Senior Julia Harris is usually in charge of the school store because, “I happened to be there when Mrs. Strouse was looking for somebody.”

Nonetheless, The Locker is in business for the new school year to regain the popularity that it had last year and to provide students with snacks and resources.

“My dream is for this to be a place where students can come to, like Chipotle,” said Pineda.

According to Pineda, despite popularity and the backlash due to new raised prices compared to last year, the main goal of the store is to try to not be in debt.

The Locker will continue to run as normal with Leadership students running the store during their off periods and Mrs. Strouse in charge.