Rangeview Plays Dress Up for Homecoming Week


By Michael Cordova, Co-Head Editor

The themes for each homecoming day. You can find the themes for yourself on the tack board upstairs by the social studies department. (Vincent Tran)

Monday- ‘Merica Monday

Represent the country you live in with some red, white and blue! Run through the halls singing the national anthem and prove to everyone how much you love ‘Merica.

Tuesday- Tacky Tourist Tuesday

Anything from hawaiian shirts to cargo shorts. Make sure you look like you just stepped off a plane into a country that you can’t even pronounce! The most important thing is to have a target brand disposable camera hanging from a lanyard on your neck. Take lots of pictures!

Wednesday- Clash of the Continents

Dress up with the culture of your class’s designated Continent

Freshmen- Asia

Sophomore- Australia

Juniors- South America

Seniors- Europe

Thursday- International Icon

Go as an icon that represents the meaning of being intercontinental. Anywhere from world traveling singers to important figures in politics.

Friday- Raider Nation

Red and black school color day to represent your spirit. Friday is the Homecoming Football game at APS Stadium against Hinkley High School at 6:00.

Saturday- Homecoming

Dress up in formal attire and dance the night away from 8:00-11:00