Review: High School Musical Gets Its Head in the Game


Reviewed By: Vanessa Guereca, Reporter


Beginning of scene 9, “Cafeteria” (Vanessa Guereca)

“High School Musical” was rocking the stage last night as it was their first night of performance for the public.

The title of the play says it all. It’s Gabriella’s (Fatima Tensum) first day of school and she encounters the popular Troy (Josh Schumaker). The other lead role, Sharpay (Alia Pagan), gets jealous and plans evil things with her brother Ryan(Nate Pagan), to separate them both, but with the help of their friends, Zeke (Spencer Regan), Chad (De’Shon Blanton), Taylor (Kim McGuire) and Martha (Alexis Wall), they were able to fix things things and unite. The actors did an impressing job impersonating the characters. 

There were about 100 cast members in total, including ladies from Rangeview’s poms team, and some of Rangeview’s staff, such as English teacher Mr. Brecht, who received surprised reactions from his students.

The play was pretty impressive overall. The ushers and technical crew worked together and it all worked out pretty well. Let’s not forget Mr. Laguana and his instrumental crew, which played a huge part in the play, and did a great job.

Students are strongly encouraged to come the next two days at seven to watch this play, which will surely reenact some sort of memory from their childhood.  

Cast saying goodbye at the end of the play. (Vanessa Guereca)
Cast saying goodbye at the end of the play. (Vanessa Guereca)