Opinion: One Year Later, High School Nation and Drake Bell Continue to Disappoint


Drake Bell signing autographs. (photo courtesy of Classicalite)
Drake Bell signing autographs. (photo courtesy of Classicalite)

By Michael Johnson, Columnist

Drake Bell: more like Dank Smell! A year after standing up Rangeview for a well-hyped Homecoming performance that never happened, Drake leaves the Raiders with a bitter taste in their mouths. TV brother Josh Peck’s vines are longer and better than Drake’s career. Josh Peck, now a Vine star, has recently been seen on the Teen Choice awards as a co-host compared to Drake who was last seen on TMZ being criticized about being a phony. The thing that also plays its role is that Rangeview wasn’t the only school who was bamboozled by the lazy diva.

Senior Luis Hernandez said,“ It doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t even like Drake Bell.” Some students are indifferent, but it seemed that the majority of that is due to the big reaction last school year.

High School Nation provided the concert that many enjoyed but the promise of Drake performing was never made. They are held accountable because they said they would send a replacement artist, but no further decision has been made. There was even a rumor that Drake was to come and do a make-up concert, but that never happened — #fake.

Junior Jalen Sanchez said, “ It’d be cool to have a concert. I’d prefer an artist I know but a concert would be cool.”

High School Nation was composed of upcoming artist and some YouTube stars, but people were not aware of who all the artists were.  Drake should not let his stardom get to his head; he was the main event for HSN but let many who went especially for him were let down. Drake was later released from his contract since he flaked out on other schools. Many would say that is a smart move since no one wants and arrogant inconsistent diva at our school. Drake was also deceiving and getting people’s hopes by tweeting, “Are you ready Denver!?”, yet he was a no show. That is just cold.

Drake did not even provide any compensation to RHS — he could have provided some sort of compensation but nada, nothing, zilch. Drake is not wanted at the school and the students are not requesting him. The only Drake wanted at RHS is Drizzy Drake.