Rangeview Takes Caution


Empty classroom on October 8, 2015. Many students didn’t come to school that day fearing their safety.

Vanessa Guereca, Reporter

Something was a bit fishy Wednesday morning. Students arrived and were wondering what was going on since administration didn’t let them go to class till a bit after the first bell rang.

Although they would let students out for lunch, hall monitors were

Half empty parking lot early in the morning.  (Isaiah Carrillo)
Half empty parking lot early in the morning. (Isaiah Carrillo)

blocking all of the main entrances to the school during the school day.

It wasn’t till around 8 p.m. Wednesday that many feel the truth was let out by the Aurora Sentinel.

An article in the Aurora Sentinel said a Rangeview student had hacked into the school computer system and threatened multiple staff members.  Aurora Police and Aurora Public Schools were trying to track the student down, but they were unsuccessful at first, according to the Sentinel.

“I mean it’s scary to think about it because anything could happen regardless of how much security they will force,” said senior Angela Cordova.

Rangeview staff and students started a #RHSSickout trend. About half of the school showed up today and the ones who did were mainly because of their finals, they said.

“I’m so scared right now there is no one here,” said junior Isaiah Carrillo.

Several teachers also called in sick; the hallways were empty throughout the day, or at least a lot less crowded than every other day.

“The fact that students are putting school and grades before their own life kinda says something about how messed up the school system is,” said sophomore Kuleni Abdo.

Some teachers, such as social studies teacher, Stephanie Walsh, advised their students through social media that they have nine weeks worth of grades, and missing a final would not affect them as much.

Other teachers told students that if they didn’t feel safe, it’s okay, the work could be made up some other day, which is similar to what the late APS call said.

“Given the nature of the threats and no other communication other than the article, I was compelled to make my safety priority,” stated English teacher Ms. Smith.

Several students and parents have complained about the late call, but regardless, Rangeview and the Aurora Public School district are making sure that everyone is safe, they say. The Aurora Police Department enforced extra security around the school, and once again, hall monitors and other staff have been blocking all entrances to the school.

With the help of the Aurora Police Department, RHS administration has finally identified two suspects of the threats, several teachers told students this afternoon.

“I feel very relieved now,” said sophomore Cristofer Reza, “and safer too.”