Are Spoilers Spoiling the fun of New Games?

Are Spoilers Spoiling the fun of New Games?

Michael Cordova, Editor

The current state of gaming culture is run in such a strange way, with companies like Nintendo t trying to hype people up by giving betas and release dates, but what effect does this actually have on gaming today?

It is safe to say that most people are familiar with Nintendo, the creators of our lovable Pokémon and our friendship breaking Smash Brothers. The company has always been one to show trailers far earlier then the game’s release just to get hype, but these trailers can bring around some consequences that many, such as myself, would wish to avoid.

Take the new Super Smash Brothers game, for instance. The game was announced in late 2013 and has since slowly leaked more and more almost every week. The response to these leaks is utterly amazing because of how long we, as Nintendo fans, have waited for another ground breaking fighter game.

A specific example would be on August 25th where three different “leakers” released information on the game, including new characters, a glimpse into the full roster, and many levels that will be played on. Exciting, right?

“I’m really hyped for the release after hearing about all the new characters coming out,” says Junior Emiliano Barela.

As a fan, these leaks allow you to know way more about the game, and now you can decide if you want to buy it or what character you will main. There seems to be no negative, right?

I would beg to differ. Way back when I was around six or so I was given my very first game to play, and this was full of “What’s this thing do!” “Hey what’s that!” and “Whoa that was neat!” This wonder is exactly the feeling that can rush back to you after avoiding spoilers at all costs.

The huge problem with spoilers is all the curiosity that just overwhelms gamers when reading about an upcoming game. “The curiosity just takes over when seeing -spoiler alert- just before a post,” says Junior Jack Cullen. I cannot help but agree with him, as I want to know all things about a game yet I constantly return to that feeling of amazement from a game I have heard nothing about.

However, some spoilers can be harmless. I think Cullen may have stated it best, “Leaking a character’s hair color is whole lot different from knowing his brother dies.”

Even though I personally hate leaks I think I would be fine with seeing someone’s hair cut over their family dying. Leaks are a very controversial topic that already, I have had many an argument over. It is really up to you whether you avoid them or embrace them, though avoiding them takes all curiosity and joy out of a new game.