RHS Gets Spooky


By: Jackie Moreno, News Reporter

October is a month filled with visits to haunted houses and pumpkin patches, going out to get candy,  and having a chance to actually enjoy the chilly weather before it gets too cold.

One discomfort that the new school year brought was fall break being moved from the end of to the middle of October, and students were quick to share their discomfort, even to the staff members.

“We thought that students should be able to have fun while in school,” said Sports and Activities Director Mr. Strouse, “This was the first time in a long time that fall break wasn’t held at the end of October, but we thought we should do something for the students.”

Rangeview has recently gotten into the Halloween spirit, and has decided to allow students to dress up in costume on Friday October 30th. Students could have a chance to get into the Halloween spirit. There are, however, some restrictions. If students wish to wear a costume there are no masks or fake blood, no weapons and no makeup that would cause facial misrecognition, staff said.

“I like that they’re letting us dress up,” says Junior Luther Price, “but they’ve taken away a majority of the purpose of Halloween, like not being able to wear masks.”

Students were glad that Rangeview is getting into the Halloween spirit, but didn’t exactly support the restrictions for Halloween Eve.

Fortunately, Rangeview has decided to hold its first ever Nightmare on Raider Street event, to include fun things such as a corn maze, pumpkin carving, bull riding, caramel apple making and face painting. Nightmare on Raider Street will be held from 8-11 p.m. Friday October 30th for those who don’t participate during the day.