Rangeview Theatre Performs in Fear


The Catwalk in the Auditorium

By Hannah Metzger, Reporter

If students at Rangeview High School have ever been involved in theatre, then it is more than likely that one has heard the rumors of a ghost roaming the catwalk above the auditorium. Every student can give a different example about the experiences that they have had and the background to the stories. But what is the truth behind the tales?

Junior Kevin Marshall has no doubt that these rumors are true. Marshall, who is a very active member of the technical side of Rangeview’s theatre program and spends a lot of time not only on the catwalk, but throughout all of the theatre.

“It’s not our catwalk, it’s the theatre. His name is Nathan,” said Marshall.

Nathan’s name written on a wall in the Theatre (Vincent Tran)

A former Rangeview theatre student had died years ago from asphyxiation while hiking, according to Marshall.

Marshall’s personal experiences include the smart lights turning on and moving around when they are powered off, the sound occasionally peaking or muting, and objects falling by themselves.

“Everyone has their own experiences with Nathan,” Marshall explained, “but it’s definitely real.”

Marshall isn’t the only one who is a strong believer in Nathan’s haunting. Several other students interviewed also supported the legend and had their own theories about Nathan and stories to share.

Senior Kordell Sorrell, a theatre tech crew member, also believes in Nathan’s haunting, but has a different story for how it all began.

“Nathan was killed in a car accident years ago. His parents paid for the majority of the sound booth and lighting equipment and after Nathan died all of the equipment started acting up,” said Sorrell, “I think he haunts this place to make sure he’s not forgotten.”

No matter the cause of death it appears that everyone believes that the “theatre ghost” is in fact Nathan. However, the original assumption that the catwalk is the source of the haunting is all too false.

“It’s the whole entire theatre,” said senior John Matthews. “There’s even a specific seat in the house that belongs to Nathan and if you sit in his seat he gets mad.”

Apparently, seat F2 on the righthand side of the theatre is “Nathan’s chair.”Last year, 20 minutes before the beginning of a school play, the white fog curtain crashed on the stage after someone had sat in Nathan’s seat.

Nathans Seat, F2 on the right hand side, lays open.
Nathans Seat, F2 on the right hand side, lays open.

Students and teachers alike believe in the stories of Nathan’s haunting.

Campus monitor James Dolmas, is very familiar with Nathan and the strange occurrences surrounding the theatre.

“I had to sit up in the booth and I was watching a video in the dark and I could see something out of the reflection of my screen,” Mr. Dolmas said. “So I turn around and, well, there’s nobody there, but I can still see the reflection. There was a shadow and you could see it in a picture on my phone but you can’t see it when you turn around, it was crazy.”

Mr. Dolmas has no doubt that the “shadow” was Nathan, considering he was sitting right underneath where Nathan had written his name on the wall when he was a student at RHS.

The stories and experiences differ from person to person, but it seems clear that something strange lies within the theatre at Rangeview.

Be cautious when roaming the theatre alone, especially during this spooky time of year.