Rangeview embraces LGBTQ community


Freshman Cole Larochelle. (Sean Cunningham)

By Sean Cunningham, Reporter

Recently gay marriage has been legalized across the United States. Even though it has been legalized there’s still some social stigma attached to being gay, even at Rangeview.

High school can be a tough environment for members of the LGBT community, teachers and staff have weigheed in on the issues and how they feel about the reactions they receive from the public on their sexuality and how they believe others perceive them.

For some students the experience has been quite positive.

Freshman Cole LaRochelle responded, “everyone has been accepting of my sexuality.”

Though Rangeview has overall been a positive environment there have been some moments of fear.

Robert Valles said, “there’s the way that I saw society judge a person that comes out as being gay. I also was afraid friends and family would also look down on me.”

While Rangeview tries to offer a positive experience for a diverse range of students, it is not always possible.

Robert Valles said, “I get dirty looks in the halls and sometimes people even make fun of me for my sexuality.”

To sum up these students goings at Rangeview High School they’ve been recepted with mostly positivity, with some students out there that are prejudice towards their sexuality.

Rangeview even has staff members who are out about their sexuality.

English teacher Dawn Weber is also out about her sexuality and shared her experience at Rangeview.

“My co-workers are fully supportive,” said Ms. Weber.

Students have provided positive support and reactions to Mrs. Weber.

“Last year I told my students that I was a lesbian as a bonding tool and it worked out pretty well. The students were mostly supportive and they valued my teaching ability more than my sexuality; they don’t really care,” said Ms. Weber.

Rangeview seems to be a safe place for both staff and students to air out what their true sexuality is, though there are some bad apples in the bunch nut one won’t face as much prejudice as yesteryear.

Ms. Weber even went on to say, “The administration is very supportive and the students are very supportive. It feels like the kids of this generation are more open than mine were.”