Tattoos traveling around Rangeview


By Levi Mckenzie, Reporter

Tattoo started out as a thing for only sailors, criminals and bikers. Now anyone can have a tattoo and no one will look at them funny. There are con’s to having tattoos, but there are also pro’s. It’s all just how a person views it


Many people at Rangeview have tattoos. Walking down the hallway you see them everywhere. Tattoos can be seen in a few different ways, as you are against them or you support them.


Some people think of things such as: “Everybody seems to be getting tattooed, should we not be concerned?,” “What does that parent think they are doing letting their adolescent get a tattoo?,” “Is that person gang related?,” or “That person is ruining their body. Why would they do that?”


Other people would think: “What is the story behind your tattoo?,” “How much did your ink cost?,” “How long did that take you to get it?,” or “Why did you get it?”


There are people out there that are against tattoos and think people are stupid or pathetic for getting one. They say tattoos are permanent, it’s hard to find something you’ll like the rest of your life, and good luck getting a good job.


“Tattoos used to be a symbol of individuality, but the fact that so many people have them now, has made them very un-exclusive.” Said senior Arielle Maes, “Want to be unique? Don’t get one.”


“What happens if someone who can have a great impact later on in your life, hates tattoos?” Senior Kofi Assabil said, “For example, the bank manager who gets to decide if you get a mortgage or not? Or the judge when you are in court trying to get compensation for a car accident? Or the person you need to convince to accept your kid into that amazing school?”


“Putting a tattoo on your body is like putting a bumper sticker on your brand new 2016 Bugatti. Why would you want to ruin something so beautiful?” Said senior Luis Hernandez.


But then there are people that support tattoos and want to find out more to the reason why people get them. They would say tattoos are a way of self expression, tattoos are your own at collection, and tattoos can stay with you the rest of your life.


“A tattoo is a great way to display your individuality without having to say a word.” Said senior Mitchell Flores, “Tattoos are carried by their wearer and say something about that person, whether they choose to show them or not.”


Sophomore Samir Mohammed said, “A picture says a thousand words and tattoos are life stories, regardless of the individual meanings behind them. Tattoos are literally a physical way to have a private, custom art collection.”


“If you get tatted for the right reasons, by the right artists, and with the care they need, you get to wear an incredible and meaningful piece of artwork for the rest of your life.” Said senior Eric Khat.


As most things in life tattoos come with pro’s and con’s. You can’t always expect a person to like you because of your tattoo, but you can’t expect a person to like you if you don’t have one. It all depends on the person perspective of tattoos.