New facilities to grind for success


Marguis Kraem Works in the Grind Room. – Gabriella Wiegand

By Gabriella Wiegand, Reporter

When the “Grind Room” came in at the end of August, it left many people wondering what it is, what are the advantages of it, and if  people like it.

Football coach, Justin Hoffman said, “It conditions the athletes and builds speed and agility for whatever sport the athlete plays.”

It tests students in many ways. A student hooks an exercise rubber band onto their waist and tries to pull, run, and jump against it.

Coach Hoffman says he really likes it because one can look at the general strength of a player, especially in football. He uses the grind room once a week in class but every day for sports.

Kyle Vickers strapped in to his work out
Kyle Vickers strapped in to his work out. Working against the bands builds strength. – Gabriella Wiegand

Hoffman states, “The grind room requires maximum effort on every repetition.”

Senior Jebb Askew, who is also a swimmer, says the grind room is good because it keeps you moving and is good for sports and cardio. The only negative of the room is it can get crowded and hot.

Askew also adds, “It’s a good complex workout that will improve abilities.”

Runner, Yalitza Topete, junior says “I got faster during track season. It keeps me in shape and when I am not in season; the grind room prepares me for it.”

For many athletes the “Grind Room” is a positive addition to Rangeview.