Rangeview displays support for Paris


By Alivia Lee, Co-editor in Chief

Some of the posters created by students in support of France and Paris. (Vincent Tran)
Some of the posters created by students in support of France and Paris. (Vincent Tran)

New posters have taken center stage of the Post Grad Center windows which were created in order to stand in solidarity with those affected by violence around the world, specifically the Paris attacks that occurred on November 13.

In spite of the tragedies that occurred in Paris, Rangeview’s French community has gathered in support of France. Friday night Paris was plagued by terrorists attacks that occurred throughout the city and took more than 130 lives. In order to show support, Rangeview’s French classes and French club have created posters and t-shirts to show their support for those affected by the Paris attacks and France in general.

French teachers Madame Bradford and Madame Hughes both made it a priority to fully inform their students of the catastrophe that occurred and to create a support among the Rangeview community.   

“France is one of our oldest allies; during 9/11 they were in solidarity with us so it is important for us to do the same,” said Bradford. “This was important for students to show solidarity and stand up against violence in this world.”

While this new addition was created by French classes specifically in support of the terrorists attacks that struck Paris it is also important for students to recognize that these attacks as just a smaller part of a bigger issue.

“I think it is important to acknowledge the event (the attacks), but we need to learn from these mistakes that have happened elsewhere. Unfortunately students are not very aware of these issues,” said freshman Jakob Lutz,

Though it can be recognized that the collaged poster, which can be seen on the Post Grad Center windows, is in support of France and Paris it is important for students to recognize and be aware of other incidents that occur around the world.