Trashy Telluride closes to smoking


Janitor picking up trash on Telluride. (Sebastian Wiegand)

By: Jorion Marshall and Hannah Metzger, Reporters

Telluride is one of the most occupied places at Rangeview High School before the school day begins, but there is one reason for it; everyone there is smoking. From vape pens to cigarettes, all students around are exposed to nicotine. Telluride street has been used for years throughout Rangeview history, and has been an outlet for students that desire to smoke during school hours.

Trash on Telluride sidewalk. (Sebastian Wiegand)

Although this spot has been used for years, it has now become inaccessible for students. According to Colorado Law, it is illegal to obtain or sell cigarettes to teenagers under the age of 18. It is also illegal to obtain or sell electric cigarettes or vape pens to teenagers under the age of 18 because it is considered a tobacco product. Recently, the site has been trashed and used improperly. Because of these prohibitions, starting today Rangeview is banning the site for this week, and possibly, permanently.

“We are closing Telluride for this week and maybe for longer one, because it is completely trashed regularly. The entire side of the hill is covered in trash,” James Dolmas, a Campus Monitor, explains, “The other reason is that there is one student who does not want to follow the rules that are set and is causing the monitors, the deans, everybody, a lot of hassle and they are the other reason it is being shut down to stop the problem we are having.”

Students that  use this site are upset about the removal of the smoking area, and are not afraid to voice their opinions.

Junior Daniel Smith states, “When a student is physically dependent on a substance such as nicotine, and the privilege is revoked, then a student’s mind is on everything except school. Rather than banning the smoking section all together, teach kids to respect their privilege and learn to respect the spot.”

“Technically, this is a no smoking facility and most of them are under-aged to buy cigarettes so they shouldn’t be smoking to begin with,” Dolmas said. “They’ll just have to hold it for a week until they figure out how to get their stuff back.”

“All I know is that they ban people from going up there but people are pretty much going to do it anyways. They will find a way,” Senior Richard Inman said.

Telluride is a controversial area at Rangeview High School, and the administrators are working to find a solution, they have said.