Rangeview nurses sad feelings for Ms. Grant’s retirement


By Hannah Metzger, Reporter

One of the most well known and beloved staff members at Rangeview High School is nurse Pat Grant. Whether you have a simple headache or a life threatening emergency, every student has relied on her care one time or another. Unfortunately, after 12 years of working at RHS, Nurse Grant is now saying goodbye as she leaves for retirement after the upcoming winter break.

“I’m still going to do nursing part time, and I’m moving to Hawaii next week, which is very exciting,” explained Grant when asked about her future plans. “My daughter lives there, and she just had a baby a couple weeks ago, so I’m going to be a part-time grandma and a part-time nurse.”

Staff and students alike are going to miss the joy and comfort that she brings to RHS. Mr.Strouse, athletic director at Rangeview, explained that Grant was a “rock” when it came to the well-being of both staff and students.

“Ms.Grant was always someone who we could rely on in emergencies, like all nurses, but she was always someone who worked really well with the kids and other staff members,”  revealed Strouse. “She’s always been there to provide comfort and support during issues — even when adults were sick. She’s just been a nice, calming influence on the student body and all of the staff.”

When asked what she will miss about having Nurse Grant at Rangeview, Junior Alexis Andrew told of how she will miss how very caring Grant is towards the students.

“She always makes sure that you’re really okay before you go back to class,” Andrew said, then added with a laugh. “And I’ll miss her always being there to give me contact lens solution when my contacts fall out.”

The students and faculty are not the only ones who have a heavy heart when it comes to Grant’s retirement. When asked what she will miss about working at Rangeview Grant emotionally replied that she will miss the people more than anything.

“I’ll miss the kids the most. It’s been a joy working with all of you, and I’ll miss your stories, they’re great,” Grant said. “And I’ll miss the staff. I’ve made a lot of friends over the years, so I’ll miss all of the people I’ve worked with as well.”

“I’m happy for her,” answered Mr. Strouse when asked of how he feels about Grant’s retirement, “Now she can move on to Hawaii, and she can start her new life in a beautiful place. I’m sure that she’s excited about it, and I’m excited for her.”

Treating approximately 10,000 students per year, Grant has helped over 120,000 people over the past 12 years that she has worked at Rangeview High School. In one way or another, she has impacted nearly every student to go to RHS. Through the years she has experienced some very interesting situations.

“I’ve had lots of experiences some of them really interesting some of them very scary,” revealed Grant. “Probably the most memorable would be when a teenage girl went into labor when she was here. That ambulance could not get here fast enough. But there have been really positive things too. We had a child one time who had had a seizure, and her parents didn’t want her to go to the doctor. We sent her anyway and it turned out she had a brain tumor and she did fine. So, that was a good outcome.”
No matter the severity of the situation, Grant always puts her all into making sure every student is healthy and able to make it through the school day. Her kind heart and compassion for the well being of others will be deeply missed.