Now there are four, how many more?


Gabriella Wiegand, Reporter

Photo credit: Taken from Mrs. Strouse Facebook profile pages featuring her, her son, daughter, and husband. 

At Rangeview High School, students and staff can’t help but notice the strong Strouse leadership. Not only by Mr. and Mrs. Strouse, but also with Mr. Lysaght, Mrs. Strouse’s son, and Donovan Strouse, her daughter.

Freshmen, Cole LaRochelle states, “You have your Republicans, Democrats, and Strouses. They are amazing people and the reason the school has the best spirit.”

Mr. Strouse, who has worked here for 30 years as the Athletic Director, is known for making sure games are very well ran. One student described him as a teddy bear and very kind.

Senior, Joseph Hodges says, “Mr. Strouse is a cool guy and he is very good at what he does. Our teams are well designed and our gear is nice because of him.”

Possibly most known for being heavily involved in the theater program, Mrs. Strouse has taught at Rangeview for 19 years and is very loved by students.

“She is great! Mrs. Strouse is always on task and cares about her students, and not just about their school life,” says Breana Hopper, Sophomore.


Mrs. Strouse and freshman daughter Donovan Strouse, smiling through heir busy Rangeview lifestyle.
By: Gabriella Wiegand Mrs. Strouse and freshman daughter Donovan Strouse, smiling through their busy Rangeview lifestyle.

For Mrs. Strouse, Rangeview is not only where she works, but a place that her and her family come together. She expresses that they are a very busy family so it’s good to have something in common and not only that, but her mother worked here as well, up until three years ago.

Ian Lysaght, Mrs. Strouse’s son, graduated from Rangeview in 2011 and is now working here as a progress monitor. Lysaght is described as awesome, energetic, and entertaining by leadership students.

Mr. Lysaght also helps in the theater program as well as helping coach soccer. For him, it is not strange to work here with his mom and stepdad. But in his opinion, it is weird for Donovan to go to high school, claiming that time just went by fast.

Donovan Strouse –Mr. and Mrs. Strouse youngest– is a freshmen this year. When asked how this school year has been going, she replied by saying “I am really enjoying my first year in high school. It is a lot of fun and exciting.”

While many students would be uncomfortable with their parents and brother working at the same school they go to, Donovan thinks it is good that they are here to watch her and tell her if she does something wrong.

She states, “We are a very close family and do a lot together. Rangeview is a big part of our life; we are happy to be here.”