The Freshmen “Man Up”


Vanessa Guereca, News Editor

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It’s become a tradition at Rangeview to take the freshmen girls on a “field trip” called “Girls Rising,” in which they watch a movie about various girls around the world with various circumstances and how they are taking on life. Not all the attention is on girls anymore, freshmen males have a chance to go through sort of the same thing.

It was introduced last school year. The freshmen boys would leave for almost a full day and were expected to come back full of grit, or at least it was hoped that they would be moved by the movie.

“It’s really just a message for young boys on how to grow up,” said social studies teacher and Man Up advisor, Mr. Sladek, “it encourages manners and self reflection.”

According to Sladek, the guys will watch a movie called, “The Mask You Live in,”  in which it explains the standards that society expects young men to reach, but similarly to Girls Rising, it inspires the young men to “Man Up,” and change these standards.
This year’s freshmen boys will have the opportunity to attend Man Up this Thursday. For any further questions, contact social studies teacher, Mr. Sladek.